The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Oliver Goes After Hope!


Justin/Donna: The newlyweds start to trash Amber and the misdeeds she's done. Marcus stuns his parents by sticking up for Ms. Moore.

Marcus: He starts to grill Amber about other men being the father of her baby.

Thomas/Brooke: The two talk about their kiss while someone else secretly listens in.

Taylor: Doc spills the beans to Ridge about who their daughter's set her eyes on. Taylor flips when she finds out Thomas and Brooke must travel back to Europe for the Taboo line. Ridge sees nothing wrong with the ad campaign and tries to squash Taylor's fears. Taylor becomes irrational and flips out on Brooke for "her bad behavior" with Thomas.

Steffy: The Forrester heiress has a showdown with Bill regarding what she saw with the mogul and Amber. Steffy decides Dollar Bill is being wasted with Katie and decides to go after him! Katie and Steffy go to war for Bill. Look for Katie to use big sister Brooke's mantra to keep her man! Brooke confronts Steffy about her quest to snag Bill, but her step daughter plays coy. Brooke warns Steffy not to mess with Bill.

Katie: She finds out what Bill did with the new house. Bill tells Katie he's doing what's best for his son and grandchild.

Amber: Ms. Moore is still clueless regarding the dangers that lurk in her new home. Lucky for Amber, a visitor stops the tragedy that waited for her. Amber has a confrontation with Steffy and flips the script on Ms. Forrester. Amber's life is one in jeopardy and people start to wonder if Bill is behind it.

Liam/Hope: The two have an emotional goodbye. Liam is discharged from the hospital and tries to deal with Hope being out of his life and his upcoming fatherhood. He tells Bill they should tell the public about his baby on the way.

Oliver/Hope: Ridge and Brooke learn of Hope ending her relationship with Oliver. Hope gets some advice from her mom and lets Oliver console her. Mr. Jones doesn't squander the opening he's received now that Hope is a free agent.