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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Is The Party Over For CloneRafe?



It seems like Ms. Brady starts to suspect her "husband" isn't on the up and up. CloneRafe loans Stephanie his ear as she vents about her problems and relationship with Nathan. Afterwards, CloneRafe hugs Steph a bit too much and Sami sees it all and tears him a new one.

Sami asks her cousin in private if the hug "Rafe" gave her was a bit too long and if something else off about it. Steph confesses to Sami it was weird, prompting her to have CloneRafe checked out for an MRI. CloneRafe freaks when he finds out and tries to back out of it, but Sami remains firm.

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Later, CloneRafe contacts Stefano and EJ and fills them in on what Sami has planned and the DiMeras tell him they will handle it. The D's have their people at the hospital that will alter the results, but things don't go as planned. When Daniel gets CloneRafe's test results back, it shows he wasn't in an accident at all! Dr. Jonas can't find what's wrong with "Rafe" and tells Sami to be there for her "husband" and help him back on the right path. On the flip side, things are looking dire for the real Rafe when Stefano gives him a drug that erases his memory!

Stefano: The Phoenix puts Rafe to the test to see if his memory has been erased.

Nicole: She tells EJ her mom and Taylor will move into the DiMera mansion.

Vivian: Madam Alamain tries to obtain Stefano as her ally.

Justin: The Kiriakis heir pops the question to Adrienne.

Melanie: Things aren't looking good for Mel. Philip discovers his wife's plot with mom Kate to take baby Parker away from Chloe. Philip rips into for her deceit, prompting Melanie to head over to Nathan's for comfort. Mr. Horton consoles her and doesn't turn away from Melanie when she fills him in on the plans she had with Kate. Philip arrives on the scene to express his apology for how he treated her, but ends up in a fight with Nathan.

Melanie starts to experience pain in her stomach and crumbles to the ground. Philip and Nathan put their fight on hold to rush her to the hospital for help. Daniel runs a battery of tests on his daughter and learns Melanie has lost the baby. The miscarriage makes Melanie realize how wrong it was to go after Chloe for Parker and she apologizes to the opera diva. Mel also forgives Philip for the affair he had with her former step mom, but lets him know their marriage is over. Later, Nathan proclaims his love for Melanie and tells her that now is their chance for happiness.