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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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The paramedics confirm that Sam is alive. Sonny wonders where Brenda is. Jason heads to the hospital and Patrick calls ahead to get things ready. Edward hopes Sam is all right and worries about Jason’s reaction if she isn’t. He wonders how Sam survived and Luke mentions the limo being bomb proofed. Luke offers to take Edward home and Edward asks Michael to come as well, but Michael feels the need to put Jason first.


Alexis and Ethan question Molly’s story, but she claims Theo is the Balkan and blames herself for not warning anyone at the wedding. Jax arrives to take Alexis to the hospital, letting her know that Sam was the victim. Ethan agrees to stay with the kids.

Sonny and Dante organize a search party for Brenda. Dante figures Theo wanted Sam’s body to be burned beyond recognition. Sonny realizes Theo wanted Brenda alive, but wonders why.

Carly wants Shawn to stick around and cooperate, but he tries to leave and passes out. He wonders why she’s helping him. Shawn admits he crossed the line when agreeing to grab Brenda, but couldn’t go through with it once Carly showed up, because it would have meant killing Carly. Carly finds leftover antibiotics for Shawn. He admits he was never part of Theo’s inner circle, but that he figures Theo must have a base somewhere in Port Charles.

Suzanne’s upset that Brenda’s limo blew up, but Theo assures her he wanted Brenda alive, since she’s the last link to his son and grandchild. He believes (as I do) that the baby is out there somewhere. Suzanne threatens Theo but when he calls her on it, she backtracks. She reminds him of the sacrifice she’s made, befriending Brenda (I can imagine how exhausting that would be!). She apologizes for yelling at him and assures him she has the same stake in this that he does.

At the hospital, Steve brings Sam in, but tells Jason to stay back. Robin and Patrick arrive and promise to help out and let Jason know what’s happening. Michael and Abby arrive to offer Jason support. Olivia shows up, worried about Dante, but Michael assures her he wasn’t injured.

Lush are on their way home (that was a long 48 hours). Siobhan talks about her plans once her month is up. Lucky again offers a green card marriage. He discusses his sons

and his past relationship with Liz.

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Luke lets Tracy know what happened. She wonders what the point of a switch was, and Luke figures it was a distraction. Edward again wonders what will happen to Jason if Sam dies. Edward wonders why the violence claims the innocent and not the guilty. As he leaves to go to bed, he thanks Luke for his generosity. Tracy admits that her father seems old and fragile and asks Luke to stay with her. Here is the point where I start crying, because Jane Elliot can bring it like few people can. I tell ya, that catch in her throat killed me more than any reaction from Jason.

Dante wonders what the Balkan wants with Brenda, but Sonny figures it’s revenge. Dante and Lulu discuss it and she wonders if there’s something that he saw. He goes over the events and remembers seeing a catering truck and calls in an APB on it. He tells her he needs to see this through, but not because he has any feelings for Brenda, but she assures him that’s fine and they kiss.

When Alexis gets to the hospital, she tells Jason what Molly told them. Jason explains Shawn’s connection and how the bomb proofing saved Sam’s life. Patrick lets them know that Sam has no brain injury or broken bones, but was drugged and they’re waiting for her to wake up. Alexis goes in to sit with her.

Morgan calls Michael to come and pick him up, which he does and takes him home. Kristina tells Ethan the events were very similar to what she experienced with her own car bomb and knows what Sam would have been feeling. Kristina tells him he can leave, but Ethan assures her he’s staying.

Olivia sits with Jax, who wonders when the violence is going to end. Jason lets Sonny know about Sam’s condition and that Shawn is at Carly’s. Suzanne overhears, calls someone and tells him or her to be prepared to move at a moment’s notice. I predict she’s got the baby stashed and that’s whom she wants moved.

Franco calls Jason, tells him he’ll be home soon and is bringing him a present. A Balkan baby perhaps?

Sam’s waking up, so Jason sits with her, talks to her and holds her hand. She squeezes his hand but when she opens her eyes, she can’t hear what he’s saying.

Sonny and his men show up at Carly’s to get Shawn.

Brenda wakes up confused, with Theo, who introduces himself as Alexander’s father, and the grandfather of her child.