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One Life to Live Recap: Baby One More Time


John: Well, for the record, tough guy, I laid more than a finger on her.

Natalie enters as John and Kelly hug, and she blasts them for being inappropriate in her house. Joey calls John “a child and a coward,” and warns him not to touch Kelly. John already did more than that, and Joey decks him. Kelly slams Joey for interfering, as Natalie tries to tend to John. John doesn’t want her help, but Natalie’s livid when John defiantly accepts Kelly’s. Kelly apologizes to Nat, who doesn’t accept, but at least Kelly tried. John and Kelly leave.

Joey blames himself for things getting out of hand, but Natalie is glad Joey hit John. She’s “the bad guy,” but she’s angry John is wallowing. Joey is happy he stuck up for his sister, but Nat believes it was also about Kelly. Natalie wants Joey and Aubrey to move in, but they’re getting their own place. Before leaving, Joey assures Natalie that John will come around and Jessica will come home. Alone, Natalie crumples up Kelly’s letter and stares at her engagement ring.

Kelly sees John home. He insists he’s fine, but he stops when he sees Liam’s toys. Kelly knows John’s pain, as she endured a similar thing with Ace. John misses Liam, but he has to forget about him. Kelly comforts John, and he kisses her. She breaks their embrace, needing to leave, but John wonders why. She has no good reason, so they fall back into each other’s arms.

Brody and Langston stop the wedding, considering that the bride is “literally out of her mind,” but Tess drops a bomb: she and Ford are happily married. Langston thinks Ford was coerced, but he married Tess willingly. Brody points out that the marriage isn’t legal, because Tess isn’t a real person. Langston feels sick, but Ford promises he only got married for Ryder. Brody tries desperately to get through to Jessica, but Tess promises that Jess is on “permanent hiatus.”

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Brody is disgusted that Ford plans to keep Tess out of St. Ann’s solely to lay claim to Ryder. Tess grabs Ford and tries to leave, but Brody brought “the cavalry.” Ford is under arrest by the Vegas police for kidnapping Brody’s fiancée. Tess slaps Brody, which pleases him, as the LVPD places her under arrest for assaulting a police officer. Tess is going from one cage to another, and she rages against the handcuffs as she leaves in police custody.

Todd barges into La Boulaie, moaning that Tea is hiding Dani, and everyone is against him. He reacted “calmly and politely,” but Blair knows he acted like a maniac. She orders him to go home, but he won’t because Tea’s brother is there. Blair thinks Del has returned, but it’s a different brother who already doesn’t like Todd. Blair is delighted, but it’s inappropriate that Todd runs to her about his marital problems. He needs help with Tea, and Blair begrudgingly agrees.

Tea is annoyed that Tomas is barking orders at her about her life, but after what he observed, Tomas thinks Todd is “a monster.” He labels Todd “abusive,” but Tea says he’s just loud. Tomas heard differently from Blair.

Tea is shocked, and Tomas tells her all about their meeting in Paris and the painting. Tomas thinks that if Todd can hurt a woman like Blair, he can certainly hurt Tea. She cherishes her life, and has no illusions about Todd. Tomas can’t pass judgment, seeing as he’s always alone. Tea thinks a woman for him is only in his dreams, but as if on cue, she opens the door to Blair. Blair is shocked to see Tomas, and she’s even more surprised to realize he’s “Tomas Delgado.”

He asks Blair to help him convince Tea to save herself from Todd. Their marriage gives Blair peace and quiet, until Todd “browbeats” her. Tea apologizes, but Blair knows what being married to Todd is like. Tea promises Dani will be home tomorrow, and that’s enough for Blair. Blair and Tomas say “goodbye again,” but Tomas hopes for a “hello” in their future. The connection is obvious to Tea, and she wonders how deep it runs. Tea reminds Tomas that he’s due at the airport. “Forget Paris”; he’s staying in Llanview until Tea leaves Todd.

Blair had no luck with Tea, so Todd thinks she’s useless. He asks about meeting Tea’s brother, and Blair coyly says that they’ve already met. Todd better sit down.

Starr and James realize they have been victims of miscommunication. Starr needs to move on, but she’s been holding back because she didn’t want to jerk around James. Obstacles remain in Hope and Todd, but Starr is worth it. They kiss, and James points out their surroundings (Viki’s cabin) and how they’ve come full circle. They briefly get carried away. James thinks he and Todd share a connection, but “all bets are off” when Todd learns James helped Nate and Dani. While waiting for their siblings, they hold each other in front of the fire.