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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lucky’s back at the PCPD and lets Dante know that he’s up to speed on what’s happened, and is looking at video footage around the Pavilion. Dante’s concerned with Sonny’s determination to save Brenda. Lucky mentions Theo having a wife and needing to find her, since she could be Theo’s weakness.

Michael and Morgan pull up to Carly’s house and are concerned about an unknown car in the driveway. Michael decides to check it out. Morgan secretly follows his brother into the house. Carly insists to Sonny that Shawn doesn’t know anything and she won’t let him kill Shawn, but Sonny’s not looking for her permission. Both are shocked when Michael walks in and Carly tells her son to talk some sense into Sonny. However, Sonny wants Michael to take Carly away, so he can deal with Shawn.

Morgan overhears and calls Dante to come and help. Carly tells Sonny she’s trying to stop him from making a mistake. She goes on to inform Sonny that if he plans on killing Shawn, it will have to be in front of Michael. Dante arrives and stops Sonny from doing whatever he had planned, so Sonny leaves.

Sam lets Robin, Patrick and Jason know that she can’t hear them, so Scrubs order more tests and call in a specialist. Robin admits to Patrick that she was relieved to see that it wasn’t Brenda on the stretcher.

Suzanne introduces herself to Alexis. The two commiserate about worrying about their adult children, but when Alexis asks if Suzanne has any, she claims she never had, but feels like Brenda is her daughter, since they spent so much time together.

Kristina overhears Ethan leaving Maya a message about staying with the girls. She tells him she can’t sleep, since she can’t get the bomb pictures out of her head. Kris is worried about Sonny and Brenda and is waiting for an update from Alexis. She wishes Sam were there to give her advice about Ethan. Ethan reminds her that she’s in shock, but Kris insists that he means a lot to her, especially after forgiving her. He tells her he’s flattered, but he’s married and would never cheat on Maya. Ethan insists they’re just friends, and Kristina accepts that for now, since she knows he only married for money and will wait.

Patrick lets Alexis know that all the tests were clear and it’s now a game of wait and see, Alexis is frustrated and annoyed that she didn’t realize Theo was the Balkan.

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Jason sits by Sam’s bedside while she sleeps. Lucky stops by for an update. He tells Jason that they’re following up on a catering van that Dante saw and for Jason to focus on Sam. He also tells Jason about a possible Mrs. Balkan and that they need to find her. Suzanne lurks in the hallway.

Carly tells Dante how Shawn came to be bleeding on her couch. Shawn thanks Carly for her help and claims he wants Theo caught. Dante decides he’s going to take Shawn to the hospital himself.

Michael lets Morgan know that Dante stopped Sonny and is sorting things out, and he’s glad Dante showed up when he did. Michael wants to help Sonny, but Carly stops him and tells him she’s not going to let him. He reminds her that he’s an adult and has been since prison, but she doesn’t let him get away with that. Carly tells Michael not to follow Sonny’ s chosen path and that both boys need to choose a better life.

Sonny gets home to find Luke in his living room. Sonny tells him about Shawn and that he would have killed him if the boys hadn't have shown up. The two commiserate about having sons who are cops.

Patrick offers to drive Robin home and at first she declines. However, she does admit that she still loves him and wants to forgive him, but she feels stuck and disappointed. He tells Robin that she doesn’t have to forgive him today, but just allow him to take her home safely and she accepts.

Alexis says goodbye to Sam and lets Jason know that she has to go home and check on the girls. Suzanne arrives and asks Jason about Sam. He confides in her that Theo went to a lot of trouble to plan things the way that he did. She hopes Brenda is okay and feels that she must be hidden somewhere close. Jason reassures Suzanne that Sonny will find Brenda.

Lucky shows up at Shawn’s hospital room to stay with him, while Dante heads out to look for Sonny. Lucky questions Shawn, who says Theo was looking to avenge Alexander’s death. Lucky wonders about a wife and Shawn admits it makes sense. Suzanne listens at the door.

Dante shows up at Sonny's and lets him know that he’s trying to stop him from doing something he regrets. He tells his father to show Michael and Morgan the best of himself and that the police will bring Theo to justice. Sonny’s sure he’ll get there first.

Sam wakes up while Jason’s with her. He wants to talk, but she assures him that he hardly ever talks and she’s good at figuring out what he’s thinking. He tells Sam that he loves her.