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General Hospital Spoilers: Jake Morgan Involved in a Hit And Run!


Here’s the Scoop!

I know you all want to know if Jake dies. I can’t say if he does or does not, but he will be involved in a hit and run. Who is behind the wheel? It looks like there will be a little re-do of when Sam was hit during Monica’s alcoholism storyline. Remember, there were a few possible drivers that time, same here.  Sam, Carly, Lisa and Robin are all possible suspects. Let’s break the ladies down.

Carly… she’s on her way to General Hospital where Jax has their daughter, who is being treated for a very high fever.

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Sam… still feeling the ill-effects from the blast, experiences a really bad headache behind the wheel.

Robin & Lisa… these two are on a wild goose chase courtesy of Johnny. He has the ladies on a hunt for the syringe and has clues all over town.

Where’s Elizabeth? There are a few things going on with my girl Liz. She’s had the paternity test done to see who is Aiden’s real father. Lucky and Siobhan tell all they are getting hitched, Nikolas and Brook Lynn hit the sheets and the paternity test results are in. Is Momma a little distracted? Does Elizabeth happen to walk in on Brook and Nik? Will she offer Lucky and Siobhan her best wishes? As Liz gets the test results, it looks likes little Jake wanders off.

Lisa, Robin, Johnny and Patrick… I sort of like it when Johnny plays games with people. First, Johnny and Lisa catch the Scorpio-Drakes trespassing. Is this what has Johnny setting his plan in motion? Despite his best attempts, Johnny just can’t seem to get Lisa to give up on her “obsession” with Patrick. He’ll ask Lisa and Robin to come to his place where his plan begins. The enemies are in a fight to the end to find the syringe, with Johnny sending them all over Port Chuck looking for clues he’s hidden. One of Robin’s leads her to Carly’s door. When Robin gets the proof she needs to finally take Lisa down, Dr. Niles is not going down without a fight and takes off after her.

Brenda, Brenda, Brenda… Sonny finds her after she is injected with a neurotoxin. Robin and Patrick try to save her and hope the antidote works. With Brenda barely hanging on, will Sonny become crazier than before?

Michael is following in his father’s footsteps. Is Abby his mob moll? Something big is in store for these two.

CRAZY and RANDOM… Kristina still hates Abby and she’s causing trouble. Lisa, Patrick and Robin work together to save Jake. Patrick levels a threat at Johnny. Luke and Carly team up against Jax and Ethan is reluctantly brought into their plan. What does Jason discover about the bomb in the limo? Robin asks her husband to come home, finally. Jason, Elizabeth, Lucky and Siobhan all head to GH when news of Jake’s accident reaches them.