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One Life to Live Recap: Hot N Cold

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Nora:  Clint must’ve gotten to him... or to his wife.

Nora lays out the specifics of the immunity agreement.  Vimal is hesitant to sign without reading, but Tea promises it ensures his freedom.  Rama, desperate to speak to her husband, barges into Bo’s office, which aggravates Bo and Nora, but Tea urges them to give Vimal a moment.  Alone, Bo tells Nora that Clint needs to pay for his crimes, but he’s having trouble reconciling how to put his own brother behind bars.

Rama tells Vimal he must go to jail instead of Clint.  Bringing down Clint only ensures poverty, if not death.  Rama puts the cherry on top: she’s pregnant.  If he makes this small sacrifice, Clint will be grateful.  Nora and Tea direct Vimal back into the office as Rama apologizes to her god for telling a “white lie”: she’s not pregnant.

Vimal can’t sign the agreement; Clint is innocent.  Vimal overheard Clint fretting about Jessica’s paternity woes and knew of his contempt for Rex, and he took it upon himself to help Clint, who was horrified when he found out.  Nora is pissed and thinks Vimal’s recantation is ridiculous.  Bo directs an officer to take “Mr. Honest Man” back to his cell. 

Nora is suspicious, and intends to find out what went wrong.  She leaves on a mission. 

Rex and Gigi discuss Shane’s fight, believing it has something to do with the family drama.  Gigi worries she’ll soon have to worry about her teenager having a sex life, but Rex thinks they have time.  In the meantime, he doesn’t want to take Gigi for granted, and they make love. 

Later, Rex comes clean about David.  Gigi can’t believe Rex kept silent, but Clint threatened him with charges of corporate espionage.  Gigi knows Bo would’ve helped, but Rex thinks Clint’s reach extends too far, as evidenced by the manipulations of Gigi’s tuition.  Rex must tell Bo immediately, but he fears Bo will hate him.  Gigi thinks that’s a risk Rex has to take.

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Bo slams his fist into his desk, yelling at the person entering to knock.  It’s Rex, so Bo softens.  Rex has news about Bo’s son.

To Dorian’s “displeasure,” Echo descends on La Boulaie, who cops to the affair with Charlie.  Dorian won’t tell Viki, because Viki’s life is in chaos.  Dorian lets Jessica’s mental illness slip, and Echo can’t believe mother and daughter share the same disease.  Dorian warns Echo to keep quiet, and Echo accuses her of meddling because she lacks her own life.  Dorian throws her out.  Outside, Echo muses about pushing Viki over the edge. 

At Llanfair, Viki informs Clint and Joey that Brody found Jessica in Vegas with Ford.  Tess is in control, but Brody is bringing her home.  Viki is sorry she pulled Joey away from his bride, and Clint and Joey start bickering about Aubrey until Viki yells at them. 

Joey thinks Natalie should be warned about Tess, but Viki doesn’t want to “heap more guilt” on her.  Joey reveals that John has moved on... with Kelly.  Viki feels badly for Natalie, and Joey slams Clint for causing Joey to blame Kelly for the flash drive.  Clint takes a call regarding Vimal, and when he returns, he tells Joey he wants to get to know Aubrey.  Viki and Joey are suspicious of Clint’s “fast turnaround.”

Echo arrives at Llanfair.  Viki says Charlie isn’t home, but Echo is there to see Viki.

Aubrey can’t get Rama on the phone and she’s freaking out, so Cutter distracts her with sex.  Afterwards, tries to call Rama again.  No luck.  Aubrey should step up her efforts to be named on Joey’s accounts, while Cutter will go ahead with Plan B: seducing Kelly. 

Kelly tries to sneak out of John’s bed, but he busts her.  They think using each other is better than heavy drinking.  There’s a knock, which John tries to ignore until Roxy lets herself in.  John hides Kelly.  Roxy knows he and Natalie are having trouble, but she believes they can prevail.  Seeing a lump, she thinks Natalie is in John’s bed, but she screams when she finds Kelly. 

She accuses John of having an affair and wonders about Liam, reminding him she’s proof that biology doesn’t matter.  Kelly leaves, and Roxy blames Marty for the onslaught of lies, because if Marty had given John Natalie’s letter, Natalie wouldn’t have slept with Brody.  John dismisses Roxy and opens her gift: a Valentine’s heart containing a picture of John and Nat.  John throws it on the shelf.

Dorian cuts up a picture of David as Kelly returns.  Kelly was at the Angel Square Hotel with “the same man” as before.  Cutter drops by with flowers for Kelly, but Dorian tells him he’s too late.  Cutter wants to give the flowers to a woman “in need of cheering up.”  He hands them to Dorian.

Aubrey is nervous when Joey returns with Clint.  Rama calls; she kept up her end of the deal and now it’s Aubrey’s turn.  Aubrey tells Clint and Joey that Vimal recanted.  Joey apologizes, but Clint knows he’s been a bastard.  He invites the newlyweds to move into the mansion.