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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Brenda is being guarded by Theo’s manservant Jules, who I think she could take if she tried.  She asks him to send a message out for her and offers him whatever he wants, but he doesn’t fall for it.


Suzanne tells Theo that Shawn has been grabbed and is talking, but Theo’s not concerned because he’s handling the problem.  Suzanne’s concerned about all of Theo’s secrets, like the limo explosion, but he says he did it so that she’d show genuine shock and concern.  Suzanne asks where he's keeping Brenda and accuses him of not trusting her, when he won’t divulge the information.  Theo assures her that she’s the only person he truly trusts. 

Molly walks in on Theo’s man, dressed like an orderly, trying to kill Shawn.  The man runs off, and I wonder why a 12 year old is allowed to visit a paid assassin, and why said assassin doesn’t have a police detail at the door.  Lucky arrives, and Shawn tells him about the attempt on his life.  Lucky wants to go over his statement to get more information and is fine with using Shawn as bait. 

Kristina and Alexis show up at the hospital to catch Jason and Sam kissing, but leave them alone.  Jason asks Sam what she remembers, but it’s nothing after getting in the car with Theo.  He tells her that she was in the limo when it exploded.  Molly arrives, with a bag of books and the need to teach Sam sign language.  She shows Sam how to sign, “I love you” and tries to show Jason as well.

Sam tells Jason to go look for Brenda, but he tells her he’s not leaving.  She insists, so he goes.  Kristina and Alexis return.  Mom’s not happy to hear that Molly was visiting Shawn.  Kristina takes Molly out of the room briefly, while Alexis asks Sam if she needs anything.

Lisa questions Patrick about Sam, but he quickly tells her that since Sam has no broken bones, Lisa’s expertise is not required and she should mind her beeswax.  Robin thanks Patrick for taking her home, but isn’t looking for more and is still worried about Brenda’s survival.  Patrick assures Robin that Brenda is likely still alive, since Theo switched her for Sam. 

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Lisa has Terrell paged so she can complain to him that he isn’t working Robin, as he should.  He tells her to calm down and then asks to speak to Robin about the Aids wing.  He mentions knowing someone who can get them 10 million dollars in grant money and all they need is to make up a proposal.  Robin loves the idea and gives Terrell a hug.

Back at the hospital, Robin tells Patrick about the funding proposal.  He asks her for dinner, but she says she’ll be too busy working with Terrell.  Lisa compliments Terrell for his good work and wonders if it’s time to start working the other side, but Terrell tells her to lay off Patrick for a while.  Robin tells Patrick she’s not closing the door on them yet, but still needs time.  Lisa tells Patrick that she’s going to Jake’s for a drink and invites him to join her, but he just laughs in her face and walks off.

Brooklyn wonders why Nikolas is avoiding her and seems on edge these days.  Nik admits he has feelings, and so does she.  They start making out on the couch, but he stops it and takes off.

Lucky runs into Liz at the hospital and he tells her about Theo.  She offers to keep the boys on his night if he’s too busy, but he’s fine with having the boys.  She shows him new pictures and mentions how Monica said Aiden looks like him. She wonders what Lucky thinks of that.  Lucky figures the resemblance is because of Laura via Nikolas. 

Lucky gives Jason an update about Shawn and that they found the catering van burned up at the airport.  Jason doesn’t believe Shawn and wants more information.  Shawn unplugs himself and leaves the hospital, as Jason goes looking for him.

Lucky runs into Nikolas on the docks and offers to listen to Nik’s problems and offer perspective.  Nik explains what happened with Brook and that he doesn’t want to mess anything up.  Nik says Liz has been sending signals that she wants to get back together.  Lucky asks if he loves Liz, but Nikolas admits he loves her as a friend and as Aiden’s mother.  Lucky tells him to find a way to accept that and move on if Brook is whom he wants to be with.

Kristina asks Sam how she is, and Sam says she’s happy to be alive.  The two hug.  Sam decides to get out of bed to stretch her legs and collapses.  Kristina screams for help.

Jason finds Shawn trying to leave and lets him know that he has to pay for luring him into a trap while Theo grabbed Sam.

Brenda is taken to Theo, who tells her that Sonny believes she died in the exploding limo. Theo wants to talk about his grandchild.