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General Hospital Spoilers: Is Brenda's Baby Alive?


Here’s the Scoop!

We’ll dive into more Jake maybes in a bit. First, let’s cover more scoop!

Is Baby Balkan still alive? Theo questions Brenda about his grandchild and as I told you, Brenda tells Theo that Suzanne was there when her child was stillborn. Something Suzanne obviously failed to tell her hubby. Theo does not believe what Brenda is telling him; maybe he should question his wife. When Theo doesn’t get the information he wants from Brenda that is when he injects her with the toxin, leaving her for dead. Sonny finds her with Jason and Dante’s help. Earlier, Dante has questions for Suzanne regarding Brenda’s baby and later, Theo and Suzanne search for their grandchild. Is Brenda’s baby alive after all?

Abby and Michael… Yes, I know there are some questions regarding Abby as well. Let’s tackle the lovebirds first. As they get closer, Abby wants Michael to come home with her which has Michael a little uneasy and turning down an intimate encounter. Later on, Michael and Abby run into Carly who is much more welcoming to Abby, something that actually worries Michael more than when Carly hated his girlfriend.

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The custody battle… Carly and Jax gear up for a custody battle when Jax finds a wounded Shawn being cared for by his wife. Once again, Carly has found her way back into the mob violence and Jax won’t have his kids in the middle of it. This is where Luke and Ethan come in to help Carly blackmail Jax out of the custody fight.

Matt and Maxie wind up in a sticky situation. On a mission to take Lisa down, Maxie enlists Matt’s help and the two get themselves stuck in “awkward close quarters” while Johnny and Lisa go another round in their unique relationship.

Elizabeth Webber is having a bad day… I mentioned that she walks in on Nikolas and Brook getting it on. Well it looks like on that very same day, Lucky comes to tell her about his green card marriage. Will the news that the paternity test results are imminent turn that frown upside down? Will Lucky learn he’s Aiden’s father? Why aren’t the boys at Lucky and Siobhan’s wedding? Instead, Jake is out playing in traffic.

Dante does not want his brother in the mob. Is he busting a mob shipment to make it clear what side of the law he’s on? He and Jason will butt heads over what is best for Michael’s future. Dante will be warned that his association with the mob is putting his badge in jeopardy.

Let’s dish Jake and some of the RUMORS that are piling up out there. I’ve seen them all and caution you to take everything you read with a large grain of salt. So everyone have your salt licks handy and we’ll dive on in. The most common theory circulating is that we’re in store for a BJ’s heart re-do. Why in the world they would attempt to recycle one the most beautifully written and heart wrenchingly acted stories ever to hit Port Charles is beyond me. From yesterday’s comments, I know some of you have a more open mind about this, I do not. First, I don’t want to see Jake die. Sue me for not wanting to see a child bite the dust. I firmly believe there is tons of story still left to tell about this little boy and killing him off, kills all that potential. I would not mind seeing a story where Jake needs his father to step up, medically, thus outing his true paternity. Back to what the RUMORS say and the BJ’s heart re-do. Josslyn is sick and as the RUMORS go, when Jake POSSIBLY dies, one of his organs can save her. Funny how Jake, a non-relative, just happens to be able to save Joss.

Who hit Jake? Yesterday I told you who will be on the road. RUMORS are suggesting that Sam and Robin seem to be the leading suspects. Carly will admit to Jason that she may have been the one to run his son down on her way to the hospital. Sam will make a confession to the police regarding the hit and run, but was it really her? RUMOR has it the hit and run will be a GH montage.

Abby… Is she more than what we see? Apparently, Michael’s ex-stripper gal pal is the subject of much SPECUALTION. Not to mention, we have been promised by Guza himself that something big is in-store for these two. Has Abby been feeding info to the Balkan as well? Or is she on Johnny’s payroll? He did let her off the stripper pole rather easily, didn’t he? Are fans reading into this too much? Remember, Johnny played a pretty large role in Michael being sent to Pentonville; he may have thought he owed him one.

CRAZY and RANDOM... Is Sam sick? Could it have nothing to do with the bomb? Sonny wants revenge. Apparently, Theo's revenge on Brenda has something to do with Sonny as well. All this time we thought it was all about Alexander. Could it be that Theo has a beef with Sonny as well? What exactly ails Josslyn? Sam finds out where the Balkans thugs are hiding. Matt & Maxie continue to get close.