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One Life to Live Recap: Snitches and Talkers Get Stitches and Walkers

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Phyllis:  This isn’t the first time a long-lost love child has turned up at Chez Buchanan.  They exhaust me!  Those hunky Texan tycoons sure got around back in the day, but that’s another story.

Phyllis Rose of “Access Llanview” captivates the town with reports of the Buchanan's, “A Family Under Siege.”  Nigel watches, and seems surprised but pleased to hear of Clint’s misdeeds and that he skated on all charges.

Echo has news for Viki, but before Echo can divulge the affair, Charlie returns home. Echo quickly covers by saying she came by to lend her full support to Viki, because of her family trouble.  Charlie is confused, and Viki informs him that Jessica split into Tess.  Viki receives a call from Brody, and needs to meet him at the airport.  Charlie offers to join her, but Viki must go alone.

Clint arrives home with good news for Nigel: they have new residents.  Nigel and Joey take the belongings to “the East Wing,” and Aubrey thinks Clint is keeping his enemy close in “Buchanan Ground Zero.”  While Joey gives Aubrey a tour, Clint asks Nigel for help with Aubrey, acting as Clint’s “eyes and ears.”  Clint receives a call from Viki, and he leaves to meet her at the airport. 

Joey and Aubrey watch “Access Llanview,” and Joey is skeptical of Clint’s turnaround because Clint “all but admitted” his crimes.  As Joey watches a report regarding the claims that Eddie was hired to kidnap Nora, Joey remembers seeing Eddie with Clint in the Buchanan living room.

According to Phyllis, Tess and Ford escaped charges in Vegas, but Jessica’s illness is “the gift that keeps on giving.”  At the airport, Brody intends to arrest Ford for rape.  Ford didn’t rape Jessica, and Tess is a witness, but without a plaintiff, no charges can stick.  Disgusted, Langston demands Ford leave with her, but he has to stay with Tess to get to Ryder. 

Viki and Clint, “the Vikster and the Trickster,” arrive, and are horrified to discover Tess married Ford under Jessica’s name.  Viki appeals to Ford, but Tess is necessary for access to Ryder.  Clint vows to fight Ford for custody.  Viki makes a plea to Jessica, but has no luck: “Jessica has left the building.”  Tess grabs Ford and drags him out of the airport, leaving Viki heartbroken.

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Echo reveals to Charlie that Dorian is aware of their affair, and she came to warn him.  Charlie loves his wife, but he feels something for Echo, and they kiss.  She insists he must decide.  Viki returns and blows past Echo into Charlie’s arms.  Charlie holds her as he watches Echo leave.

Rex has news about David, and Bo wonders what David has done now.  Nora updates Bo on David’s MyFace comments, but Bo isn’t interested.  David ran out on Matthew.  Bo had warmed up to David, but then David betrayed Bo’s family, which includes Rex.  Rex reveals that he, not David, betrayed Bo. 

Rex broke into Clint’s office and found evidence that David was kidnapped and imprisoned in Morocco.  Rex apologizes, but Bo fumes when he realizes Rex has known for months.  Clint threatened Rex, but the bottom line is that he chose his family over Bo’s.  Rex stabbed Bo in the back when Bo would’ve “done everything to protect” Rex.  Rex gets  “no absolution.”  Rex will help find David, but Bo thinks he’s done enough and storms out. 

At the airport, Clint stops Bo, asking for help with Jessica.  Bo is busy with police business, and when Clint inquires, Bo spits that it’s none of Clint’s concern.

Nora barrels into Clint’s office, but stops dead when Matthew spins around in Clint’s chair.  Nora reminds him he was forced to quit, but Clint is innocent and Matthew wants to help save the company.  Nora doesn’t believe in Clint’s innocence, and here’s why: Clint lied.  He “invented” the infidelity rumors to break up Bo and Nora, coerced Inez into drugging and lying to Bo, and hired Eddie to kidnap Nora. 

Matthew resists the shattering of his illusions, and Nora is sympathetic, but she’s telling him everything for his own safety: Clint is the prime suspect for Eddie’s murder.  Matthew believes Clint killing in cold blood is impossible, but Nora wants Matthew to be prepared because, although “the proof is buried with Eddie,” Bo and Nora are working tirelessly to uncover it.

Dorian doesn’t want consolation from a con artist, but Cutter wanders into the living room, and seeing the cut picture, determines that Dorian’s heartbroken.  He eavesdrops on a phone call, informing her of bad news: Clint was cleared.  Dorian turns on “Access Llanview,” but she’s outraged when Phyllis reports that David left Dorian at the altar. 

Dorian likens Cutter to David, “a two-bit grifter,” and she promises she will never take him back.  Cutter wonders why Dorian hasn’t moved on if she’s no longer in love with David.  There have been other options, but no one is David.  Cutter comforts Dorian, but she resists his touch.  Langston storms in and Dorian wonders what Ford did now; “Ask his wife.”  Shocked back to reality, Dorian accuses Cutter of playing her and succeeds in throwing him out.

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