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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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On today's General Hospital, JoLu fans get a special treat, Michael clearly didn’t learn his lesson from prison and Lexi Ainsworth brings it!

Kristina screams for help and Patrick arrives.  Kristina explains how Sam collapsed and blames herself for it happening. She goes on to state how it was similar to when Allie died.  Patrick feels Sam's equilibrium was affected and decides to bring Sam for more tests once Alexis arrives.  Alexis goes with Sam, leaving a worried Kristina alone in her room.

Lulu runs into Johnny at the Metro Court and she brings him up to speed on the car bombing.  Johnny’s annoyed that once again, nothing happened to Sonny directly and that he’ll go on, business as usual.  Johnny sees that he has a bunch of messages on his phone and realizes Sonny’s shaking everyone down for information.  He reminds Lulu of how Sonny behaved when he thought Johnny was responsible for shooting Kate.  Lulu apologizes for forgetting everything that Johnny has been through and that he has lost people that he loves.  Lulu says she’s glad they were together and that it eventually led her to Dante, whom she loves.  Johnny leaves to help avoid a war with Sonny. 

Shawn tells Jason that Theo set them both up and that he nearly died because of it.  He says he kept records of his jobs for Theo in a safe deposit box and wants to get them.  Jason wonders if he’s being truthful, but Shawn assures him that he repays his debts and he owes Carly his life.  Jason allows him to leave and asks him to check the records for any connection between Theo and Franco.

Theo wants Brenda to go over the details of her pregnancy and where she gave the baby up for adoption, while she went on with her frivolous life.  Brenda explains what happened and how she ended up miscarrying in Africa.  Theo wonders if she was alone through all that, but she says Suzanne was with her. 

Dante wants Sonny to let the police handle Theo, but Sonny’s not having any of it.  Sonny tells Dante he’s either with him or against him and Dante says he’s against his father breaking the law to get what he wants.  Sonny feels someone knows something and wonders why Dante only goes by the book when innocents like Michael and Brenda suffer. 

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Sonny wants Dante to help Michael and Morgan separate the personal from the business and asks him to talk to Morgan.  Dante’s not happy with that position.  Sonny declares he’ll find Brenda, whatever it takes. He asks Dante to take a leave of absence, so that he’s not in town to witness Sonny’s solution.

Abby meets with Michael at Kelly’s and he’s angry that there wasn’t more he could do to help Sonny with the Shawn situation.  Abby reminds him he has a conscience, and that he likely felt bad for Shawn, so it’s not wrong to show empathy and compassion.  Abby reminds him of his parole, which reminds Michael of Carly’s same warning.  Abby tells him to watch and wait and she heads out.  Molly spots the orderly who tried to kill Shawn and tells Michael, who takes off after the man.

Brenda gets another visit from Jules. She tries again to get him to turn on Theo and help her, and begins to come onto him. 

Sonny summons Lulu to have her take Dante on a vacation, expenses paid, so that he’s not in town.  Sonny leaves to find Carly.  Dante tells Lulu that he wants to lock up his father.  Lulu offers her support and feels he’s making the best moral and ethical choices he can.  Dante feels it’s his duty to keep Sonny in line.  Molly calls Dante to let him know Michael went after the orderly.

Jason finds Kristina alone in Sam’s room and Kris tells him what happened. They nervously wait for Sam to return from her tests.  Kristina tells him about what happened with Allie and she’s scared Sam is hurt worse then they originally thought.  She feels Sam looks out for all of them and it’s hard to understand when something happens to Sam.  Jason feels Sam survived the blast and has beaten the odds. He asks Kristina to be strong, so that Sam doesn’t see how scared she is.

Sonny asks Carly to look into Theo’s hotel records to see if he called anyone or met with anyone that could help him.  Suzanne asks them for any news and states she wants Brenda back safe.  Theo calls and orders Suzanne to meet with him.  Jules arrives, wanting to speak with Sonny. 

Michael follows the man in the alley, who catches him and holds him at gunpoint. Michael tells him to turn on Theo for Sonny and things will end well for him.  Suddenly, Dante shows up to resolve the situation.

Suzanne tells Theo that she was with CarSon when he called trying to get information for him, but he wonders if she was tipping them off instead.

Alexis and Sam return.  Patrick arrives with the results that it was just a fainting spell.  Kristina and Alexis decide to leave and Kris apologizes to Jason for freaking out and thanks him for his patience.  Kristina promises Sam that she’ll be back first thing in the morning. 

Jason tells Sam he loves her and wishes she could hear him.  She says she did.