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One Life to Live Recap: Whataya Want From Me

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Todd:  Let me put it this way...  One way or another, I’m going to find your son.  And when I do, would you like me to go easy on him?  Because if I have to waste anymore time looking, I swear to God, who knows what I might do to him.


Todd traps Inez at Foxy Roxy’s, issuing threats to tell him the location of her “pervert son.”  Inez claims ignorance, saying she trusts Nate.  Todd points out that she thought her trustworthy son was a murderer.  They accuse each other of being a lousy parent, but when she again denies knowing anything, Todd screams that he doesn’t believe her.  He rips away her purse and digs out her phone, noting that Nate called.  She wonders if he plans to torture her, and he threatens to hurt her or Nate if she doesn’t talk. 

Later, Inez calls Tea, fretting that Todd forced her to give up Nate’s whereabouts and fearing what he might do.

James and Nate decide to let the girls sleep in, seeing as the night before was intense, but Starr and Dani are awake.  Starr thinks Dani made her point to Todd and it’s time to go, but the night wasn’t a loss, as Starr and James have now entered a “whole new world” together.

The previous night, recounted through flashbacks, Nate and Dani returned while Starr and James were kissing, and Dani was happy to see the product of successful communication.  Once Dani and Nate went up to the bedroom, Starr worried if she should stop them.  Dani and Nate got passionate until Dani pulled back, and Nate wondered if she was ready.  She assured him she was, but right before consummation, she tearfully changed her mind. 

Meanwhile, Starr felt uncomfortable, but decided it was Dani’s life.  She told James she was cold, and he pulled her from the couch to the floor and into his arms.  Nate interrupted to tell Starr that Dani needed her.  Nate then apologized to James, but James was unfazed because he would rather his first time with Starr to be perfect. 

In tears, Dani told Starr she freaked.  She felt that not having sex meant she’s a “baby,” but Starr promised it was smart of Dani to admit her reticence.  Though Starr loved Cole, she wished she had waited, because many of Starr’s choices were simply a reaction to Todd, ready or not.

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James insists it’s time to go back to reality, especially once Nate reveals he called Inez, so she wouldn’t worry.  They realize Todd will hunt Inez, and they must warn her.  Both men lament that with Todd on the warpath, the previous night might be the last night they spend with their ladies.

Nate and James warn the girls that Inez will be a target.  Dani is impatient with Todd’s temper tantrums, but Starr promises they will eventually be able to make their own choices.  Dani fears Nate is mad at her, but there’s no pressure; Dani will be ready when she’s ready.  Starr takes a moment to kiss James, but the group is stunned when Todd kicks in the door.

Gigi enters Bo’s office, and Rex confesses Bo hates him. He understands, because if someone kept silent about Shane, Rex would be furious.  He screwed up, and his selfishness makes him just like Clint.  Bo is hurt and angry and it will take a while, but Gigi believes Rex can repair the relationship and encourages him to do so. 

David haunted Rex, but he immersed himself in his family to cope.  Rex could’ve remained silent, but he took the risk, and David will be rescued because of that.  Rex appreciates Gigi’s efforts, but thinks there’s no good spin.  Gigi promises she will always be in Rex’s corner, and she orders him to “do what feels right.”

Nora brings Bo a packed bag, and wonders why David is in a Moroccan prison.  Clint put him there, and Rex knew.  Bo worries, but Nora assures him David is resourceful and “smart, in a special way.”  If Rex had come clean earlier, Bo could’ve prevented the domino effect of Clint’s machinations.

Nora believes Bo should be proud he came forward, but Bo accuses Rex of being like Clint.  From now on, Bo will only worry about his own sons, which doesn’t include Rex, the “Interloper.”  Nora is taken aback; Bo sounds exactly like Clint.  Rex did a terrible thing, but she doesn’t want to see Bo turn into a “bitter tyrant” like his brother. 

Nora saw Matthew at B.E., and she made the “executive decision” to tell Matthew everything.  He is as devastated about Clint as Bo is about Rex.  Bo admits David made an effort to forge a relationship with him, while Bo kept David at arm’s length.  He promises to change that as soon as he finds his son.  Nora fully supports Bo’s mission and kisses him, but demands he be careful, as she needs him.

Rex races to the gate, but misses the flight.  He begs the attendant to let him on, but fails.  Nora returns to the station, stopping when she sees Gigi.  Gigi apologizes for Rex, but while Nora understands, she insists Bo won’t for a long time.