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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nick Pulls A Fast One!


Nick/Sharon/Adam: The black sheep Newman goes to his big bro to cut a deal, shared custody of Faith with Sharon in exchange for recanting his testimony. Nick counters by saying he'll do it, but Adam must leave town for good. Adam agrees and heads back to Sharon's where he pretends to be drunk and lies about the real reason he's with her. Adam tells Sharon he only wanted to be with her so Nick couldn't.

A distraught Sharon takes off. Adam heads out of town while Sharon cries on Nick's shoulders, with him keeping quiet about his role in little bro's departure. Later, Sharon keeps calling Adam and leaving messages when Heather overhears the entire thing. Ms. Stevens lets Sharon know Adam's only hustling her like he did when they were in a a relationship. Sharon is stunned by the legal eagle's comments, but still feels Adam is a different person. Sharon returns home and finds all of Adam's things are gone and blames Victor for it all. Seems, Slick Nick lies to Sharon and says Victor caused Adam to leave. He isn't out of the woods yet, someone learns juicy info about Nick... Sharon decides to search for Adam, while the missing-in-action Newman has a showdown with someone.

Victor: Things are not looking good for Mr. Moneybags.  Billy writes an article in Restless Style (why is that thing still called that?!) which compares and contrasts John and Victor. The Black Knight reads it and tells Katherine his son-in-law is just trying to shame him, but Victor starts to feel what Billy is saying. Victor spots Nick and Sharon in the park with Faith and secretly watches them. He starts to feel guilty about the situation she's in. Later, Victor tells an irate Michael he was in fact in Hawaii the time Skye died and knows Sharon didn't kill her and wants the D.A. to know.

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Victor exonerates Sharon to the D.A., but it is too little too late. Neil testifies on the behalf of the Newman kids and says Adam couldn't have forged the trust documents while in charge of Newman Enterprises. He informs the court Adam had no knowledge of the Newman kids trust funds. The judge rules in favor of the kids, leaving Victor royally PISSED at Neil! Victor rips into Neil and accuses him of siding with his kids because he promoted Nick over Neil, but it doesn't bother Neil a bit.  Newman Enterprises is forced to go public!

Victor/Nikki: Victoria, Nick and Abby are basking in the glow of winning over Victor at the tack house when Nikki comes by. She's appalled by them celebrating and lets the trio know Victor's birthday is today. Nikki heads to main house to wish her ex a happy birthday, but finds Diane instead. Ms. Jenkins isn't thrilled to see Nikki and the two get into it. Nikki informs Diane of today's date and asks if she even knew, but her rival lies and says she did. Later, Victor comes home to find Diane and a romantic meal made. Things don't go as planned for Diane, Victor flips the table over and storms out pissed. 

Victor goes to the stables and sees Nikki getting ready to ride her horse. The two are a bit uncomfortable with the other,  but it all changes when Nikki expresses how bad she feels about the kids cleaning his clock in the lawsuit. Victor gives Nikki a hug, and the pair ends up kissing! Honey, I don't know what was in that kiss, but the two end up making love!! Meanwhile, Diane arrives and is shocked (as am I!) to see Victor and Nikki getting freaky sneaky and leaves unnoticed by the two.

Deacon/Nikki: The two break up once Nikki learns of Deacon being in cahoots with Meggie. Nikki once again calls her friend Grey Goose for comfort.

Victor/Diane: Mr. Mumbles puts the heat on Diane to marry him.