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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Jason and Sam are happy that she can hear again.  Patrick checks her out and despite some ringing in the ears, she seems fine, but he tells her to stay bed bound to prevent any more fainting spells.

Jason apologizes for sending her back to the wedding alone, but she feels there was no way of knowing what Theo had planned.   Sam wants to celebrate and Jason promises her anything she wants.  Sam tells Jason to get back to work.

Jules tries to talk to Sonny, but notices one of Theo’s men watching and takes off.  Carly stops Sonny from going after him, saying if he’s not careful he’ll start making mistakes.  Jax shows up, says he doesn’t want Sonny to access any Metro Court information and to let the police handle it.  Sonny feels his way is faster, but Jax isn’t interested. 

Carly promises Jax that she won’t sneak any records to Sonny.  She tells him what happened with Shawn and that Morgan and Michael witnessed it.  Jax is upset that Morgan has been exposed to Sonny’s violence and that Sonny never changes.  Carly hopes the kids decide to be like Jax, because he’s such a good role model.  She says she won’t help Sonny, but Spinelli will likely hack into the hotel records and get the information anyway. She knows Jax wants to save Brenda. 

Theo insists that Suzanne tell him where his grandchild is, saying she lied about being with Brenda.  Suzanne reminds him that they were heartbroken about Alexander and she wanted to save him extra grief.  She continues to claim that the baby is lost, but Theo asks again where she spirited the baby.  He says he’ll do whatever it takes to get the truth from either her or Brenda.

Brenda tries unsuccessfully to pick the lock on her door.  Jules returns and tells her he couldn’t speak with Sonny because Theo’s man was there and warns her to be more careful when trying to pick the lock.  Theo comes in and wonders if Jules is trying to help Brenda escape and Brenda protects Jules by saying he’s been loyal to Theo.  Theo asks again where the baby is. 

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Michael tells the hitman to tell Sonny everything and he’ll be safe from Theo.  Michael manages to get the gun and Dante arrests the hitman, but is angry with Michael for taking such a chance.  Michael doesn’t understand what the problem is because he feels he knew what he was doing.  Dante says if he’d been caught with the gun in his hands, he would have been sent back to prison right away.

Liz is checking on Sam, who wonders if Liz is always working.  Talk turn to the boys and Sam thanks her for letting them spend time with Jake.  Liz feels sad that Jake doesn’t know that Jason is his father and Sam figures it’s only a matter of time, since they look alike.  Sam wonders what it’s like to look in a baby’s face and see its father.  Liz asks if she can show her a picture, and Sam agrees. However, when Liz pulls a shot of Jake out, Sam drools all over it, but then insists she doesn’t want a baby. 

Liz asks Patrick to look at a picture of Aiden to see if he looks more like Lucky than Nikolas.  Patrick reminds her what the DNA test said, but she figures Helena could have changed the results because she’s that crazy.  She wonders if Aiden is really Lucky’s son.

Jason meets with Sonny, who tells him Jax won’t get involved in the newest Brenda situation. Jason goes to tell Sonny about Theo having a wife and Shawn’s records.  Sonny’s upset that Morgan and Michael saw the real him and that this is alienating Dante again.  Jason wonders if they can work around Dante.  Michael arrives and tells Sonny about the hitman, so Sonny takes off.

Michael tells Jason what happened and Jason is angry that Michael put himself in danger.  Michael says he’s trying to prove he can take of himself and that he’s not anyone’s victim to be taken care of.  Jason warns him that mistakes will get him killed and he needs to be aware of what’s driving him. 

Suzanne stops by to see Sam, on the pretext that Sam was always kind to Brenda. She wonders if they have any clues on Brenda and Theo’s whereabouts, but Sam says they seem to have vanished.

Carly gets home and hears someone at the door.  Shawn’s back and has information for Jason. 

Theo checks in on Brenda, only to find her gone.

Sonny stops by the PCPD and tells Dante to let the hitman go, so he can deal with him.  He tells Dante to stop being a cop and let him do what he does.  Dante figures they can help each other and tells the hitman he’s being released since Sonny posted his bail.  The hitman refuses the bail and Sonny glares menacingly at him.