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One Life to Live Recap: Four Faces

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Tess:  You can dish it out, but you can’t take it, huh Natalie?  You know, you and Brody deserve each other!  You both play up this hard-candy shell, but inside, you’re just soft nougat.

Tess orders a new wardrobe on Viki’s dime and has it delivered to Ford’s apartment.  Ford has done everything Tess asked, and now she must keep up her end of the bargain.  Tess plays a message from Natalie, who says she’s at Foxy Roxy’s with the babies, and points outs that Nat is unaware of Tess’ reemergence.  Ford nearly falls for a seduction, but Tess pushes him away, calling him a sucker.  Dressed looking like “the Buchanan Princess,” Tess leaves for the salon.

Viki leaves an urgent message for Natalie.  Tess is at Ford’s apartment, and Brody wants to force Tess into submission, but Viki thinks that’s detrimental.  Viki thinks he will only get himself arrested, so she has another plan: enlist Ford.  On her way out, she asks Brody to fill in Nat and take care of the boys.  Brody is confused by the babies, not knowing where his loyalties should lie, but Viki thinks it only matters that Brody loves and protects them both.

Roxy is irritated that Todd, after renting the salon for a private chat with Inez, didn’t lock the door.  Natalie can’t believe Roxy was vandalized, but Roxy is most angry that her line of “Russian Red” was stolen.  That shade sounds familiar to Nat.

Roxy reveals she caught John with another woman.  Natalie knows it was Kelly, and Roxy thinks John isn’t thinking straight and only spending time with Kelly out of revenge.  John is done with Nat, but Roxy reminds her that it was that mentality that caused this mess initially.  John is just looking for distractions, but Natalie thinks he and Jessica are purposefully avoiding her.  Tess, posing as Jessica, arrives to pick up her son, but Roxy leaves to give the sisters time together. 

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Viki arrives at Ford’s; reminding him that Tess is a fragment.  She’s a dangerous opportunist who’ll do anything to trap Jessica permanently.  Viki asks for help, promising access to Ryder.  He wants assurances that Viki can control Brody and Clint.  Ford reveals that Clint had him beaten, and Viki is unnerved, but she begs for help because her child is in trouble.  Ford thinks the same about his child, and he turns down Viki.  Viki promises he’ll regret helping Tess.

Roxy warns Brody: Jessica showed up at the salon, and she wasn’t happy.  Brody fears what Tess may do to Natalie.

Jessica reminds Natalie of her betrayal, but Natalie insists it was an accident.  She accuses Nat of wanting Brody, and feels justified when Brody calls Natalie’s cell.  She taunts that Natalie’s “slutty backslide” sent John looking for a “piece of consolation ass.”  Nat only lied to protect Jess, and Jessica wonders if Natalie feared a Tess return.  Jessica drops her lipstick, and when Natalie picks it up, she sees the shade is “Russian Red.”  Indeed, Tess is back.

At St. Ann’s, John asks to see Marty, but the nun can smell alcohol.  It’s official business, and she reluctantly allows him to visit.  Marty is thrilled.  She asks about his wedding, but there wasn’t one.  Marty knew about Natalie and Brody, and John demands to know why she kept silent.  She didn’t want to break his heart, but she tried to tell him. 

John thinks she didn’t try hard enough, and accuses her of only wanting to make Natalie suffer, which Marty admits to.  Natalie took John and Cole away, and Marty snapped.  John is done with Natalie because he can’t take any more lies.  He apologizes for unloading, and absolves Marty of any wrongdoing, but before he can leave, she says she has information about Liam.

Todd confronts the group of “delinquents and liars” with a gun, and James and Nate protect Starr and Dani.  Tea races into the cabin, insisting Todd’s actions aren’t funny and he’s supposed to be the adult.  Everyone screams as Todd fires the gun, but he laughs because it’s Sam’s toy.

Dani defiantly yells that she had sex all over the cabin, and it turned into a big orgy.  She relents, but wanted to show Todd he can’t control everyone.  He insults Starr and the boys, and informs Dani that she’ll never see Nate again.  He pushes Tea out of the way, insisting she lost her maternal rights, and he threatens to harm Nate and James.  When they try to attack Todd, Dani gets caught in the middle and Todd tosses her to the floor.  Tea, “saving [Todd’s] ass,” orders the kids to leave, and vows that Todd will have to go through her. 

Tea enjoys Viki’s tea as Todd is bound and gagged.  She broke Viki’s vase over his head, which she promises to replace.  She advises Todd to “act like a human being.”  He must apologize for being a lunatic and terrorizing his daughters and their “responsible, blameless boyfriends.”  Todd nods, but when Tea removes the gag, he calls her a bitch and promises to kill her.