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One Life to Live Spoilers: Someone Shoots at Todd!

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A shootout, an affair and a potentially sick child turn things upside down in Llanview. I hope everyone is ready for all the juicy gossip for the week of March 7.

Marty/John/Natalie/Kelly: Marty will be in the process of telling John something about Liam, but Viki will interrupt them. Viki will make an appeal to John and he takes off to find Natalie. Marty will rejoice in everything working out in her favor.  When John sees Natalie, she will be with Brody and Liam. He will become very angry and storm off to Rodi's. Gigi will find John at bar drinking in the morning. They talk about Natalie and Gigi is going to accidentally mention she knew about Liam's true paternity. John will fire Gigi on the spot.

Soon after, John and Kelly are going have another close moment. Once again, Natalie will see them and spew a few insults at Kelly. (Side Note: I wish Kelly would knock the red out of Gnat's hair! She's really got it coming, IMO.) Natalie will also order John to rehire Gigi. Natalie will leave Rodi's in a huff. When she returns home, she will find Joey and Kelly looking very close. Natalie is going to tell Joey about seeing Kelly with John earlier. Later on, Natalie will have crumble in Brody's arms about John. They will have a moment that will be interrupted by something being wrong with Liam. Will John put his differences aside with Natalie for Liam?

Starr/Langston/James: Starr and Langston are going to catch up with one another. Starr will tell Langston she and James are an item. The best friends will connect over their recent misfortunes. Starr leaves and will head to see James. When she arrives, she will walk in on a very uncomfortable James with a very naked Tess. Let's just say, Starr is not going to be happy about it. Meanwhile, Langston has a talk with Ford and will learn about his plan to commit Tess. He will promise to see her after everything is over. However, when Ford doesn't show, Langston will look for him. She is going to find him with Tess, still "together". Will Langston give up on Ford?

Tess/Natalie/Ford: Tess will fool Natalie and get her hands on Ryder. Meanwhile, Ford is going to tell James and Langston about his plan to have Tess committed. However, Ford will hit a snag in his plan because he's completely broke and can't use any of Ryder's trust money without Tess' permission. Also, Viki, Clint and Tea will present Ford with a deal to have Tess sent to St. Ann's. Ford will be in a real pickle when the orderlies from St. Ann's try to take Tess away. After doing some quick thinking, Ford decides not to have Tess committed and turns down Viki, Clint and Tea's deal. How will Ford gain rights to his son and be rid of Tess?

Tea/Todd/Blair/Cristian/Tomas: Tea will knock Todd out cold to stop him from chasing down Dani and Nate. A defeated Todd will admit to Tea that he is afraid of losing everyone he loves. Meanwhile, Tomas is going to make a cryptic phone call about Todd. Soon after, Tea will run into her brother and they have a chat. Tea will tell Tomas to go back to Paris, because she's cleared things up with Todd. Tomas is going to turn his sister down. Tea will believe it's because of Blair. Tea is going to tell her brother to steer clear of Blair.

On the other side of town, Blair and Cristian will have a conversation about Tomas. Cristian is going to remember Tomas from his childhood. Tomas arrives and will reveal that he is staying put in Llanview indefinitely. Cristian will leave but not without warning Blair about Tomas and the strange way he left home and never returned. Blair will inform Tomas of Cristian's plea for her to stay away from him. Tomas will tell Blair about Tea's similar plea. Tomas is going to ask Blair on a date.

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At the same time, Todd will be leaving Rodi’s and we will see someone aiming a gun in his direction.  Blair goes to see Todd and will inform him there is going to be someone else watching him very closely. In turn, Todd will threaten to have Tomas deported. Todd leaves and will go back to Rodi's, where he runs into John. Todd is going to bask in the glory of John's bad luck. He will also ask John to investigate Tomas. However, as Todd is leaving, someone will start shooting at him and John gets mixed up in the situation. John and Todd are going to be cornered and John will begin to shoot back. Gigi will show up and walk right into the shoot-out, but John rescues her to safety. Who is shooting at Todd? Was Tomas behind it?

Shane/Jack: Jack is going to step up his bullying of Shane. Jack's stunt will end in Todd, Blair and Gigi being called to the principal's office. The two boys will be involved in a case of missing money. How will Blair, Todd, Gigi and Rex deal with their son's feud?

Dorian/Charlie/Echo: In an effort to prove she's over David, Dorian is going to give Cutter a big smooch. After, Dorian is going to stick it to Charlie for cheating on Viki. She will inform Charlie that she won't tell Viki about the affair if he ends things with Echo as soon as possible. Speaking of Echo, she will bring a pizza to Rex's place and finds Gigi instead. Gigi is going to figure out something is wrong with Echo, but Echo doesn't spill the beans. Charlie will pop up as Gigi is leaving to pick something up from Rodi's. Charlie will attempt to tell Echo things are over between them, but they end up kissing. Meanwhile, Viki will wonder why Dorian is waiting on Charlie. Will Dorian be forced to tell an already fragile Viki the truth?

Bo/Rex/David/Nora:  Bo will have no luck finding any information about David at the Moroccan prison until Rex shockingly arrives. Rex is going to work some magic and get them taken to David's cell, which will be empty. Bo is still angry with Rex, but will put that aside when they get a tip from Kahlid that David is literally on the other side of the planet. Bo and Rex's clue will lead them to believe David is in St. Blaze with Alex Olanov.

In Llanview, Nora will have to fend off Clint when he asks about Bo mysterious business trip. Nora will refuse to tell Clint what the trip is about but does tell him about Matthew knowing about his connection to Eddie Ford's murder. A little later, Joey informs Nora of Clint's meeting with Eddie shortly before Nora was kidnapped. Where on Earth is David Vickers?

Aubrey/Cutter/Clint: Aubrey and Cutter are going to be desperate to get Clint's tape that could ruin their big scheme. Aubrey tries to look in Clint's desk to find the tape but Clint will catch her red handed. He will inform her that the tape is locked in his safe, where she can't get her hands on it. Joey comes home and Aubrey will convince him to break into Clint's safe. As Joey and Aubrey are attempting to open the safe, Clint will catch them. Joey is going to tell his father about his concerns that Clint had a hand in Eddie's murder, and he believes the flash drive in the safe holds incriminating evidence to prove it. Clint will offer to show the flash drive to Joey and Aubrey will do everything she can to make sure that doesn't happen. Can Aubrey weasel her way out of this latest tight spot?

Sneak Peeks at Next Week (March 14):

  • Langston is devastated.
  • Bo and Rex arrest Clint.
  • Dorian and Cutter get freaky.
  • The custody battle for Ryder begins.
  • Todd's life is in danger.
  • Things get ugly between John and Brody.
  • Tomas hides an injury from Blair.