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Say What, Say Huh? Tatyana Ali BEAT OUT Debbi Morgan For Outstanding Daytime Actress at NAACP Image Awards!


It looks like the Daytime Emmy selection process isn't the only awards show system in major need of an overhaul. In a move that has me wondering if Mr. Mixelplix has somehow transported us into Bizarro World, Tatyana Ali recently took home the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama Series, beating out fellow The Young and the Restless 1st and 15th stars in '10, Julia Pace Mitchell and Tonya Lee Williams, The Bold and the Beautiful's Yvette Freeman and shocker of all shockers, All My Children's Debbi-to-the-Morgan!

Uh uh, oh hell no. I need for somebody to show me the reel that Ali submitted as Rhonda, Roxette, Rocky and Bullwinkle or whatever her character's name was, that beat out anything Dr. Angela Hubbard did in Pine Valley in 2010! Now y'all  know I loved Ali's turn in BET's smash web soap Buppies, but I thought she was just so-so on Y&R at best, whereas Morgan KILLED it—per usual—as Angie battled blindness. At least the NAACP had the good sense to give Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama to Morgan's leading man Darnell Williams, but I'm sorry, this is some bull ish regarding the outstanding actress category!

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