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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Stephanie and Taylor Unite Against Brooke!


Ridge: The chiseled one discovers Thomas and Brooke kissed in Paris. Ridge decides to teach Thomas a lesson by holding a press conference to tell the world Taboo is canceled.

Stephanie: La Forrester learns of what transpired between Thomas and Brooke. Stephanie hauls off and slaps Brooke and calls her "the slut from the valley."

Thomas: The playboy rips into Taylor and blames her for all the trouble that's gone down. Thomas decides to rebel in public and stuns all with his actions.

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Stephanie/Taylor: The two tag-team Brooke about Forrester Creations direction and have some harsh things to say to Ridge.

Taylor: Doc is hopeful this latest revelation will put an end to Ridge and Brooke's relationship.

Thomas/Dayzee: The two share a red-hot kiss.

Bill/Steffy: Dollar Bill and the hellcat, Forrester heiress start to become close. Bill realizes the attraction and starts to freak.

Oliver: Mr. Jones is wracked with guilt for keeping quiet to Hope about his fling with Amber.