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Former OLTL Baddie Timothy D. Stickney Talks Shakespeare, Racism and RJ

As one of One Life to Live's most popular villains, RJ Gannon, Timothy D. Stickney brought a Shakespearean flair to Hank's nefarious younger brother, and now we know why. The brilliant thespian was trained on all things Bard at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Currently Stickney is performing as the title role in Macbeth at the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis.


We Love Soaps' Damon L. Jacobs has published the first two-parts of a multi-part chat with Stickney, who discussed the differences and similarities between the Shakespeare stage and daytime soaps, racism in the arts and how Disney buying ABC changed how soaps were written. Here's a excerpt:

The industry changed while I was doing the show.  When I started, certain writers wrote the whole story.  So there was continuity in the sound of the story and the way that character’s dialogue was going to be.  From my experience, when Disney took over ABC, it became more piecemeal.  I think that was a way to mitigate the writer’s ability to claim ownership of anything.  So stories became written by whoever’s desk it fell on regardless of their strengths or comfort.  You did not write a whole story, you wrote a script.  From day to day your character’s dialogue would drastically change because a totally different person wrote the dialogue.

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