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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Shawn tells Carly to call Jason and she wonders why he trusts her.  He found the records at the bank, but was jumped by a couple of Theo’s men in the process of getting them. Luckily, he was able to fight them off and get back to Port Charles with the records.

Jason doesn’t want the mob life for Michael, who feels he no longer needs Jason’s protection and is proud he can now defend himself.  Jason tells him he doesn’t realize what he has to give up, like a family.  Jason reminds him he was Michael’s age when he started with Sonny and his options were taken away.  Jason tells Michael about Jake and Michael figures he probably won’t want kids anyway.  

The hitman refuses Sonny’s bail money and claims he knows his rights.  Sonny tells him he has no rights and that he’s angry that his son was threatened and his wife taken.  Dante offers to leave, so Sonny can be alone.  Mac arrives wondering what’s going on, but when told the hitman works for Theo, Mac turns a blind eye. 

The hitman says Theo ordered him to get the van, grab Brenda and bring her to the airport. From there, Theo put Brenda in another car and took her back into town.  He swears he doesn’t know where Brenda is. 

Theo accuses Suzanne of letting Brenda escape, but Suzanne defends herself by saying she hasn’t seen Brenda since the wedding and tells him to stop accusing her or he’ll lose her for good.  Theo catches Brenda running through the woods.  

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Abby pays Sam a visit.  Sam tells her she’ll make a full recovery, so Abby wonders why she’s seems so sad.  Sam admits that she can’t stop thinking about the fact she can never have a child.  Sam says every time she sees Jason with Michael, she knows he’ll make a great father.  Sam explains to Abby about her inability to have kids and that even if she could, they aren’t set up for kids. 

Lucky stops by for a chat with Luke, asking if he remembers seeing anything or anyone the night of the wedding.  Luke goes through it all, but doesn’t remember anything out of place.  Lucky complains that they have no leads.   Talk turns to Siobhan and her immigration woes.  Luke offers a fake visa, but Lucky brings up the green card issue, which Luke tries to talk him out of.  Siobhan arrives with a letter from immigration.  I guess she needed help to open the envelope, so rather than waiting for Lucky to get home, tracked him down instead.  Her application for extension was denied. 

Abby wonders what’s bothering Michael and he says he can take care of himself and doesn’t need protecting anymore.  He has no future since he’s a convicted murderer and that he’s always wanted to work for Sonny. Michael figures if it’s good enough for Jason, it should be good enough for him.  Abby worries about jobs and thinks she might have to go back to the club.  Michael offers to get her something at the Metro Court or ELQ, but she insists she wants to do it on her own so that no one thinks she’s using him.  They kiss and she asks him to go back to her place.

Jason stops by the hospital to let Sam know what’s going on with Michael.  Sam wonders if he regrets working for Sonny.  He’s more worried about her side of it, but she assures him that she made the right choice to be with him.   Carly calls to tell him that Shawn is back. 

Shawn lets Jason know that Theo has a holding company and might be leasing property in town.  Jason thanks him and leaves.  Shawn thanks Carly for helping him and wonders why she is.  She says she’s done her own share of crap and is just paying it forward. 

Theo wants to know what happened to the baby, since he believes the baby to be alive.  Brenda believes he’s crazy.

Lulu stops by the PCPD to have lunch with Dante.  He tells her about the hitman and talk turns to Sonny.  Dante admits he’s not sure of his feelings for his father. Sonny isn’t the father he wanted or envisioned, but he’s still his father.  Dante realizes Theo wants information from Brenda regarding the baby.

Jason brings Sonny up to speed about the holding company and wonders if Sonny is actually Theo’s target.  Sonny declares he doesn’t care about truces; he’s going to turn the town upside down looking for Brenda.