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General Hospital Spoilers: Josslyn Has Kidney Cancer! Is Jake's Death a BJ's Heart Re-Do?


Here’s the Scoop!

It all comes together… Josslyn has cancer. What started out as RUMORS has some serious strength behind it now as Jake is in a hit and run and Josslyn’s cancer diagnosis is not in the early stages. Yep, we are most likely getting a re-do of BJ’s heart going to Maxie only this time it looks like Josslyn needs a kidney.

Now, I’m no doctor. I don’t even play one on TV. I know typically patients need a relative or a pretty damn good match to be able to do a kidney transplant, so I’m a little perplexed as to how GH is going to explain this one.

With Jake in serious condition, Robin and Patrick work hard to save his life. They’ll even forget about proving that Lisa is guilty as sin to save their friend’s child. I hate to say it, as my Liason loving heart breaks, but it does appear that little Jake MORGAN is nearing the end of his days in Port Charles.

Who hit Jake? As I’ve mentioned before, there are a few possibilities. Sam is on the roads in search of Theo’s men. A tip she gets from Abby has her on their trail. While driving, she gets a bad headache. Carly is rushing to General Hospital where Jax has their daughter who has a severe fever. Robin is also on the road with the proof that Lisa is one evil bitch. Said bitch is hot on her tail. Also out there, Luke Spencer. He’s on his way to Lucky and Siobhan’s wedding after he initially was against the green-card nuptials. Trying to make it there on-time, could Luke be the one who hit Jake? I’m hearing no, he’s not the likely suspect.

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Dante and Sam team up to find the driver who ran Jake down! Don’t you just love that it’s always a cop and a mobster or a P.I. teaming up? How about another cop? What will Sam do when she realizes that it is most likely her or Carly that hit Jake? Carly goes to Jason and admits that she thinks she was the one who hit his son. Michael takes if upon himself to cover for Carly, going as far to destroy evidence.

Liason fans… while this is going to be a tough one to take, there will be a Jason – Liz moment. They will share their “regrets and sorrow.”

Josslyn… Terrell starts her on chemotherapy, but her cancer is quite progressed, stage 5. A kidney donor is her best option.

Brenda… Recovers. The anti-dote works and Sonny takes her away on a honeymoon. He’s unable to stop thinking about finding Theo. When word reaches them about Jake and Josslyn, they rush home.

Baby Balkan… is Brenda’s baby alive? Suzanne tells her hubby where the baby is.

Michael and the mob… He’s all about proving he can do the job. When a shipment comes in, Michael helps out, with no approval from Jason or Sonny. Jason finds out while tracking Theo, thanks to Abby giving him a heads up. Dante and Ronnie arrive to make a bust on the shipment where Dante finds his brother is knee deep. Jason arrives and Dante lets him take Michael out of there. Jason tells Michael he will not be involved in the business.

Johnny and the bomb… Jason learns that Johnny set the bomb in the limo. When he confronts Johnny, he gets information on where to locate Theo.

CRAZY and RANDOM… Theo and Suzanne are in an “unmarked sedan” when they take off in search of their grandson. Franco contacts Carly threatening Joss. Johnny and Lisa hit the sheets, again. Kristina has a good excuse for interrupting Michael and Abby’s date. Luke and Ethan are almost caught framing Jax. Steve finds Lisa going through his office as part of Johnny’s scavenger hunt. Agent Bates returns. Liz is a mess when Aiden walks out the front door.