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More General Hospital Spoilers: Is Jake Declared Brain Dead?


Jake Morgan is declared brain dead... Despite Patrick and Robin's best efforts, they are unable to save their friend's little boy. Robin will be the one to tell Jason that his son is gone, he'll tell Lucky who finds Elizabeth in the hospital chapel and breaks the news. What is most definitely going to be heart-wrenchingly amazing material for these actors, I can't get past the overwhelming sadness I feel that we're losing that adorable little boy, fictional or not.

Josslyn needs Jake's help. Carly comes to her grieving best friend with an unthinkable request. She needs his son to save her daughter. Jason will go to Lucky and Elizabeth with what Carly is asking. At first, Elizabeth doesn't want to hear it. She can't believe what they are asking of her. In the end though, Elizabeth agrees to the kidney donation to save Josslyn.

Jason and Elizabeth... they wish they would have done things differently. Both agree they should have made better choices for their son.

Carly... she thanks Elizabeth for saving her daughter and offers her sympathies.

Sam... she feels guilty over the times she didn't want Jake to exist.

Elizabeth... she lashes out at both Carly and Sam, accusing them of wanting Jake to die. She'll also call out Jason, in denial over their son.

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Steven mourns the loss of his nephew. He is concerned that Elizabeth could be having another break down.

Michael enlists Kristina's help in covering for his mom. They pair manage to lift the list of suspects from the PCPD. There were seven people out on the road when Jake was hit.

Was it Lisa Niles? Remember when I told you Patrick has some words for Johnny? Well it looks like he's taking the mobster to task for his little scavenger hunt stunt. Could it be that Lisa was the one to run Jake down in her quest to stop Robin? Patrick thinks so and tells Johnny he could be responsible for a little boys death. Distracted by Jake, Robin puts nailing Lisa on hold, but she'll pick it back up and the syringe. When she does, Lisa grabs a scalpel and manages to get the syringe back. She'll destroy the evidence.

If I were Johnny, I'd run. You set the bomb and you may have set in motion a game that killed Jason Morgan's son. Run Johnny run.

While Lucky mourns Jake, he wishes Aiden could fill the void. Nikolas is doesn't know what he would do if he ever lost either of his sons.

Scenes to look for... Elizabeth and Lucky tell Cameron about Jake. Jason and Edward are RUMORED to share a scene. Jason breaks down. Sam has a scene with Josslyn. Lucky and Maxie. Brenda tries to pay Carly a visit at GH. Shawn and Carly get even closer as he's her guard at GH. Lucky and Elizabeth say good-bye to Jake.

Also coming up... Michael and Abby hit the sheets. Theo and Suzanne get close to finding their grandson. More Maxie and Matt. Patrick loses it, robin comforts him. Kristina uses Josslyn as a way to get Michael away from Abby.