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One Life to Live Recap: Bad Boys Get Spanked

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Marty:  Looks like everything’s working out.  It’s just too bad John had to lose his baby in the process.

Marty has news for John about Liam, but Viki looking for Dr. Levin interrupts her.  Viki explains that Tess has returned, and Liam’s paternity is what sent Jessica over the edge.  Marty blames herself for pushing Jessica, but Viki doesn’t fault Marty at all. 

As Marty returns to her room, John apologizes to Viki, but clarifies that he’s not taking any responsibility; he just feels badly for what Viki is going through.  Natalie calls Viki, panicked that Tess snatched Ryder, and Viki notes John’s concern for Natalie and Liam.  Viki knows Natalie’s lies are indefensible, but she’s certain Natalie told them as a misguided means to avoid causing pain.  Natalie loves John, but he can’t see past her actions.

On his way out, John reassures Marty she did nothing wrong.  She wonders if Natalie and John will reunite, and while Viki is uncertain, she knows it won’t be for a long time.  Viki finds the situation sad, but alone, Marty muses that everything is working out. 

Tess thinks Natalie was slow in realizing she’s not Jessica.  Horrified, Natalie vows against allowing Tess to leave with “Jessica’s baby.”  Liam cries, but Nat remains focused on Tess, until Tess indicates that Liam’s turning blue.  Tess gets away shortly before Brody arrives.  He knows where Tess is headed: to her husband’s apartment.  Natalie is shocked, and Brody insists they’re looking into every angle, but in the meantime, Tess is in control and Ford wants his baby.

Ford informs James that he married Tess to get his son.  James reminds him that he didn’t want to be a father, but Ford must atone for leaving James behind with Eddie. 

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Tess returns with Ryder, and promptly makes a pass at James.  Brody arrives, and makes an appeal to Jessica.  Ford and Tess stand united, insisting they’re the legal unit and Brody has no rights.  Tess taunts Brody to go for “round two with Natalie” before slamming the door in his face.  Tess has no interest in Ryder, and goes to shower.  Ford and James are painfully ignorant when it comes to babies, so James calls Starr. 

Brody returns to Foxy Roxy’s, vowing to get a lawyer and fight.  John happens by the salon, and sees Natalie and Brody playing with Liam.  Angry, he walks away.

Langston drops a double-whammy on Starr: Tess is, indeed, back and Ford married her.  Langston believed she and Ford would be happy together, but suddenly everything is ridiculously complicated.  She hates the idea of Ford sharing a dwelling with “a slut,” and Starr refuses to allow “Tess near [her] guy.”  Langston is happy Starr and James finally admitted their feelings.

At the apartment, Starr takes charge, pointing out that Tess is not Mother of the Year.  Starr encourages Ford to make things right with Langston, so he runs out on his son.  Tess walks out in a towel and notes her “competition” for James’ affections.  Starr is disgusted, but Tess is joking.  She already has what she wants: freedom.

Ford goes to see Langston, who doesn’t want to speak to him.  He forces her to listen when he says he has a plan: as her husband, he will commit Tess himself.

Todd promises to kill Tea.  They accuse each other of domestic abuse, drumming up their history as evidence.  Tea thinks they’re “one brawl away from a reality TV show.”  They both have trust issues, but Tea wants them to work through problems together.  She holds a knife on him, and he doesn’t think it’s fair that she can make threats when she admonishes him for doing the same.  After he promises to control his rage, Tea cuts his binding, but Todd grabs her and pins her down. 

They scream hateful things, which turns out to be foreplay as it leads to sex.  Tea wonders why Todd is overly invested in his daughter's love lives. Todd explains he doesn’t want them to end up with “guys like [him].”  Todd has been “off recently,” which concerns Tea, but Todd just fears losing those he loves.  Viki’s cabin is trashed, and Todd thinks they should blame the kids.

Outside the cafe, Tomas is on a call regarding Todd.  He’s angry that Todd married his sister, and he wants to rectify that.

Blair tells Cristian about her “international man of mystery,” but Cris warns her to be cautious.  Blair thinks Tomas is en route back to Paris, but Cris indicates that he missed his flight, as Tomas stands behind Blair.  He and Cris catch up, and he tells Blair he’s staying in Llanview.  Blair thinks it’s because of Tea, but Tomas smiles that Tea’s not the only reason.  Cris wants Blair to be careful.  Tomas isn’t necessarily sinister, but there’s definitely more to the story.