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Young and Restless Hunk Joshua Morrow on Nick Newman: "It's Just Not In Him to Be Like His Father"


Don't tell The Young and the Restless heartthrob Joshua Morrow the apple didn't fall far from a Wisconsin tree in terms of  his character Nick Newman being similar to his malevolent father Victor (Eric Braeden) on the sudser. According to the good looking thesp, while Nick has his father's corporate ambitions, he has his mother's heart and that's how the actor, who's played the Newman scion since 1994, likes it.

"Everybody always said from the day I joined the show, 'He’s the next Victor, he’s the next Victor,' and I completely disagree with that. Nick is nothing like his father," says Morrow, who spoke with a group of bloggers earlier today about the end of Y&R's riveting arbitration story arc on Tuesday.  "He is very driven and ambitious, but he has no desire to succeed the way his father did. He isn’t willing to do anything to anyone at anytime."

The actor goes on to say that when you get right down to it, Nick Newman is just a pretty decent fellow, save for a little eye-wandering.

"Nick, at his core is a very, very good guy. It’s just not in him to be like his father," the introspective actor explains. "He sees his dad as kind of in his way.  Nick has his eye on the prize, of being this powerful man in the business world, but I don’t know if he’s able to succeed to the extent that he wants to if he doesn’t turn more like his father. It’s a very interesting dynamic and one I love playing."

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Morrow says he's happy Y&R' s writers didn't take the easy route by making him a mini-Moustache.

"It’d be really easy for the writers on the show to say, 'You know he’s the next Victor and he acts just like him and he did that same thing,' but it doesn’t really say who the character really is. Now Adam coming on, does have more of the evil, darkness in him. So I think they’re kind of exploring who Victor is through his two sons."

While Morrow says he definitely prefers representing the white angel on Victor's shoulder, as opposed to the red devil his baby bro Adam manifests, he does cope to a bit of envy at some of the nefarious stunts Adam's portrayer Michael Muhney gets to pull.

"I prefer being the good guy, but then maybe I’m a little jealous of Michael Muhney, who gets to play Adam, because it’s a lot more interesting when he gets some of this stuff," Morrow chuckles. "It seems like a lot more fun, but at the end of the day, I’m very happy with Nick. I’m very happy with the way they write him. He’s got a big heart. He’s a good guy and I like that about him. "

Be sure to check out Part II of my chat with Joshua Morrow, where he talks about the possibility of a "Dick" (Diane and Nick) reunion tomorrow. The climax to the Newman arbitration storyline airs Tuesday on CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless. Check your local listings.

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