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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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On today’s General Hospital, Sonny throws a glass; Liz gets the short end of the stick and Brook Lynn gets her groove on.


Sonny’s certain that Theo is now after him and using Brenda as a pawn.  Jason agrees that Theo isn’t used to being challenged.  Sonny realizes that Theo’s motivations changed once Brenda came back to PC and now Theo wants to taunt and torture him.

Theo insists on knowing whom Brenda gave the baby to and that Sonny can’t protect her now.  Brenda admits she would never have let her child near him, since he’s just as delusional as his son was.  Theo tells her that her only hope of survival is to tell him where to find the baby.  Am I the only one suddenly thinking Brenda didn’t miscarry, gave the baby up and knows where he is?

Dante runs his thoughts out loud to Lulu about the possibility of the baby being alive.  Lulu feels he’s over thinking things and that Theo just wants everyone to suffer.  Lulu wonders if Brenda lied and Dante figures like Olivia, who lied to protect Dante, it’s possible that Brenda lied to protect her child.   

Sonny angrily throws his glass (I guess Conan’s going to have to clean up the mess), as Dante arrives to let them know that he thinks Theo’s after information on the baby.  Sonny realizes that once Theo has the info, he won’t be keeping Brenda alive. 

Siobhan’s worried about going back to Ireland, but claims to have accepted that fate.  Lucky wants to go to Agent Bates for help, figuring Interpol owes him.  He feels Siobhan’s life is at risk outside of PC and claims she’s a coward and has given up.  Siobhan tells him she’ll fight, if it’s worth it. 

Michael wants to keep his relationship public and Abby thinks he doesn’t feel the same for her as she does for him.  Michael feels he’s the problem, that he’s still messed up and doesn’t want things to go wrong.  Abby assures him she isn’t afraid of him and has no expectations. She thinks they should just let things flow naturally.  Carly shows up and joins them. She asks how Abby is doing.  Abby makes small talk and then leaves.

Michael lets his mother know about the incident with the hitman and she’s upset and reminds him of his parole.  She tells him she’s proud that he’s so brave, but he isn’t a cop and it’s not his job to chase down a suspect. 

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Carly meets with Sonny to ask him to talk to Michael. She can see how Brenda missing is taking a toll on him. She feels badly for him, but tells him not to sit in the dark drinking.  Sonny feels responsible for Brenda, and doesn’t want to lose her.  Sonny reminds her that she told him not to marry Brenda, but Carly feels she didn’t want Brenda to hurt him. She knows he loves Brenda and wants to be happy for him. 

Nik stops by the hospital and speaks with Elizabeth, who warns him again about Brook Lynn.  Liz informs Nik that Brook wants to attach herself to Nik’s bank account, sees Liz as a threat and wants to force Liz and Aiden out of his life.  Nik apologizes if Brook made Liz feel uncomfortable. Liz again feels that he’s being taken advantage of, since Brook was broke when she came to town, accepted money to seduce Dante and is now living the high life of a princess.  Nik tells her she’s entitled to her opinion. but that Brook is in his life because he wants her there. 

Jules brings Brenda some lunch and she begs him to go to Sonny again and tell him where she is.  She feels Sonny will protect him from Theo, but Jules worries that Theo already knows he tried to contact Sonny.  Theo listens from the door.  Theo comes in and accuses Jules of having a guilty conscience. He thinks Jules should confess. 

Nik gets home to a wired up Brook Lynn. Brook confesses she's frustrated, can’t stop thinking about him and wants to have sex right now.  They kiss and make love and I had to fast forward, because I didn’t need to see that. 

Lucky stops by the hospital to let Liz know about Siobhan’s issues and that he’s considering a green card marriage.  Liz is not happy, feeling that he’s rushing headlong into this because he needs to save the damsel in distress. Liz tells him he’ll be committing fraud and could lose his badge for a girl he barely knows, but Lucky’s not concerned about that since they had a lot of time together and couldn’t make it work. She brings up the boys and how she’s not comfortable with Siobhan being with her kids.   He says he wanted to be the one to tell her, since he’s going ahead with it. 

Jason stops by the hospital to check on Sam.  He gets her up to speed on the case.  She tells him she’s being released tomorrow and that Patrick told her to watch out for headaches.  Jason asks her what she wants to do to celebrate and turns out she wants to watch an old movie. 

Dante questions Suzanne about Brenda’s miscarriage, wondering how it happened, since he believes that’s why Theo is after her.  Suzanne goes through the story and Dante realizes that it’s verbatim of what Brenda told him. He accuses her of lying to protect Brenda.  Dante tells Suzanne to tell the truth now before it’s too late.

Lucky comes home to Siobhan.  He tells her if the appeal is denied, he wants to marry her.  She asks if he’s sure and he figures a green card wedding can't cause too much trouble.

Liz closes up an envelope to a lab and prepares to send it off.