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One Life to Live Recap: Ring of Fire

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Dorian:  Let me making something clear; I have nothing against a little lively conversation.  Ask anyone - I give very good... repartee.

Kelly is late for work.  Dorian knows Kelly’s been sleeping with John, and Kelly realizes Blair blabbed.  When Kelly insists John and Natalie are over, Dorian determines Kelly has feelings for John.  The dalliance is a “transition period,” but Dorian warns Kelly that she’s playing with fire. 

At breakfast, Cutter has breakfast with Joey and Aubrey.  Later on, Aubrey walks Cutter out, and relays her fears that Clint has the house bugged.  He orders her to find the flash drive and destroy it.  In the meantime, he’s going to pursue another financial source.

Cutter drops by La Boulaie with yellow roses.  Kelly gently lets down Cutter, but the flowers are for Dorian.  Dorian deserves something designated only for her, but she scoffs; Cutter is only after Dorian’s money.  If that were the case, he’d target someone less intelligent than Dorian. 

Dorian denies carrying a torch for David, and Cutter dares her to prove it by throwing the picture in the fire; she can’t.  Cutter stuns Dorian by planting a kiss on her.  The kiss nearly convinced him of Dorian’s claims, but not quite.  He tells her to call him when she’s ready for a bonfire.

Gigi opens Rodi’s, and is surprised to find a drunk John there.  She defends Natalie, and John blasts her for withholding the truth from him.  Gigi reveals that Natalie nearly aborted Liam, but couldn’t in case the baby belonged to John, because the love between John and Natalie is real.  John fires Gigi, and she’s livid about being terminated “for being Natalie’s friend.”  Before storming out, she promises John’s only friend will be the bottle if he continues like this. 

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Kelly shows up to warn John that their affair is public knowledge.  She admonishes him for continuing to live in a stupor.  Kelly labels herself “a fallen woman,” but she refuses to use alcohol to cope.  John has a better idea, and pulls her into a kiss.

Joey tells Aubrey about the meeting between Clint and Eddie, and he’s unnerved that his father did business with a man who kidnapped his aunt.  Joey leaves to see Nora. 

At the cafe, Nora talks to Bo, who is horrified by the “hellhole” David is in.  Nora vows to get Clint, but she sends her love to Bo when Clint appears and quickly hangs up.  Clint asks Nora for Bo’s whereabouts, but Nora remains coy.  Clint poisoned Matthew against his parents, but now he knows everything.  Clint’s sorry she and Bo are so paranoid that he’s responsible for every crime in Llanview; elsewhere as well, thinks Nora.

Destiny wants to talk about the kiss, but Matthew deems it forgotten and Darren will never know.  Matthew reveals Bo and Nora’s suspicions about Clint, but he’s adamant that Clint isn’t a killer.  Destiny thought she knew Greg, but was proven wrong.  Destiny encourages him to call her should he need anything.

Aubrey needs something from Clint: the flash drive.  Clint laughs at her, but assures her the footage will remain hidden in his safe unless Aubrey gives him specific reason to expose her. 

Joey meets with Nora, who congratulates him on his marriage.  He inquires about the murder case, claiming “journalistic curiosity,” but Nora catches on.  He admits to remembering a meeting between Eddie and Clint, which Nora realizes occurred the day of her kidnapping.  A connection is a start, but physical evidence is necessary.  Nora apologizes for including Joey, but he eases her mind, giving her a warm hug.  Alone, Nora is elated about the link. 

Aubrey asks about Joey’s meeting.  His aunt “lit up like a Christmas tree” when Joey revealed the connection.  Listening to Nora, Joey decides to search for proof against Clint.  Remembering the combination, which he figured out as a kid, Joey opens the safe, but Clint busts him.

Nora runs into Matthew, who tries to gauge the extent of the evidence against Clint, but Nora just tells him that pieces of the puzzle are coming together.  He asks about Bo’s international investigation, and Nora promises that Bo’s success will be good news for the family.

Rex surprises Bo in Morocco.  He’s determined to help, but Bo doesn’t want Rex screwing up his investigation.  The warden claims ignorance about David, and acts insulted when Bo offers a bribe.  Rex flashes an Amnesty International card, and threatens the warden if he doesn’t comply.  Bo doesn’t want to know how Rex obtained those credentials, but he’s happy it worked. 

David’s cell is empty, but Bo discovers David’s chalk cartoon of Dorian.  Bo threatens to kill the warden if he doesn’t talk, but he ejects Bo and Rex.  Alone, he calls Clint, assuring him that Bo is none the wiser.  Rex thinks one guard has information, and Bo makes an appeal.  The warden catches him, but Bo was just saying goodbye.  He shakes the guard’s hand, and he and Rex leave.  Bo surprises Rex when he reveals that he slipped his business card to the guard.