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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Dante stops by to talk to Sonny, who has hit a brick wall in finding Brenda.  Dante mentions the possibility of the baby actually being alive, but Sonny is certain that Brenda wouldn’t have lied to him.  Dante says a parent would do anything to protect their child but of course, Sonny doesn’t understand that concept.  Sonny tells him to go ahead and investigate Suzanne, but there’s no way Brenda would have given up a child. 


Theo sends for Brenda and asks her about her previous plans and how Suzanne factored into it.  Theo asks where both she and Suzanne were the previous year and Brenda tells him. 

Theo summons Suzanne. He asks her about the long periods of time that she left Brenda alone and wonders whether she visited the child.  Suzanne claims, again, that there is no child and that his bigger concern should be Sonny hunting him down.  He tells her to get information from Sonny.

Jason catches Spinelli reading from his book to Sam and is angry that he’s a character in the book.  Jason’s even angrier that Spin’s been playing with the book, rather than get information on Theo.  Sam defends Spinelli by saying he’s only trying to honor Jason.  Jason tells Spin that if he finds a decent clue, he can keep Jason in the book.  Spin sets off; leaving JaSam alone and Sam asks to be taken home.  Once home, Sam feels exhausted and wants to spend quiet time alone with Jason on the couch. 

Jax brings Josslyn home, to find Shawn.  Carly explains Shawn’s presence, which does not mollify Jax.  He’s not happy that she brought a criminal in their house, but she claims she’s trying to find information on Brenda.  Jax says he plans on keeping Joss at the hotel and she questions whether he thinks she’s an unfit mother.  The majority of the viewing audience goes, “DUH”.  He says she has a track record of bringing violence into the house and that actions speak louder than words. Jax informs Carly that he needs to protect Morgan and Josslyn. 

Siobhan thanks Lucky for all that he’s done for her so far, but a marriage isn’t the fair thing to do.  Alexis shows up and doesn’t have positive news for them. Alexis is worried that they’d be committing fraud by getting married, since they would have to prove that they are happily married.  Lucky says they’ve been together for a while, so it wouldn’t be a huge stretch. He brings up Methan’s marriage as an example of things working out. 

Luke shows up with paperwork for Siobhan: passport, driver’s license with a different name, the whole deal.  Alexis thinks that’s an even worse idea, because it would get Siobhan deported.  Lucky says a marriage is the best option.   Alexis spirits Luke away. 

Lush wonder which fraud is better, green card marriage or fake documents?  Siobhan feels Lucky is risking too much, but he tells her he likes her and talks her into the marriage. 

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Olivia bumps into Johnny at the hospital and they make small talk.  He apologizes for not visiting her in the hospital, but says she looks good now.  Steve shows up, which causes Johnny to leave.  Steve asks Olivia to lunch at the Metro Court.

Johnny wrangles Lisa for lunch and they also end up at the Metro Court.  Lisa doesn’t want to help Johnny stalk Solivia, and brings up that he’s still hung up on Olivia.  Johnny wonders if she’s jealous, but Lisa claims she doesn’t date wiseguys.  Olivia’s distracted by seeing Jolisa together, and Steve wonders if she’s making Johnny jealous.  Olivia denies it, but admits she still has feelings for Johnny. However, he has his life and she’s interested in spending more time with Steven. 

Maxie talks Matt into breaking into Johnny’s place to look for the syringe.   Once they’re in, they search the place, but don’t find anything.  Johnny and Lisa show up, so the other two hide.  Jolivia start to make out and Lisa makes a comment about Johnny blackmailing her because he has the syringe that she tried to drug Robin with. Lisa quickly assures him she will find the syringe and leave him still wanting her.  Matt and Maxie hear the whole thing. 

Jax meets with Diane to have the divorce and custody agreement amended to make sure Carly keeps the kids’ lives sane and safe.  He doesn’t want any more exposure to Sonny.  Sonny overhears Jax and the two men get into it.  Jax feels the kids need to be protected, and Sonny thinks trying to take Carly’s kids will be a losing battle.  Jax accuses Sonny of breaking the law right in front of the kids and Sonny accuses Jax of doing nothing to help in Brenda’s search.   Jax says he’s working with law enforcement.  Sonny says he’s not waiting for the cops and tells Jax to stay away from him. 

Sonny wonders if Diane has looked into Theo’s holding properties, but she angrily claims that she’s done everything she can, but hasn’t been successful.  Sonny wonders why Theo wasn’t investigated, and she says he was and came up roses.  Sonny tells her to do her job and find Theo and Brenda. In turn, Diane tells him not to turn the town into a war zone.

Jules arrives and Sonny asks about Brenda.  Jules tells him he’ll take him to her. 

Carly leaves a message for Diane to call her and Shawn is sorry that he brought trouble to her.  She figures there will be a custody war between her and Jax now, but claims Sonny and Jason are a big part of her life and Jax isn’t perfect either.  She will not allow him to bully her. 

Theo decides that Brenda should never leave.

Dante meets with Jason to tell him about his suspicion of the baby being alive and both Suzanne and Brenda knowing it.  Jason questions whether Brenda is lying, and Dante figures Suzanne helped her.  Jason feels they’re missing something, but Dante says parents will do things to protect their children, even give them up.  Spinelli shows up, claiming he’s cracked the case, so Dante leaves to investigate Suzanne.

Spinelli tells Jason that he has information that Suzanne is Theo’s wife.  Suzanne shows up, feigning concern for Brenda.  Jason accuses her of being Mrs. Balkan and asks where Brenda is.