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Now That The Arbitration is Done, Will We Get More "Dick" on Y&R?


Shick vs. Phick vs. Phack vs. Shadam vs...Dick? That's right The Young and the Restless lovers, those intense fan base wars received a new dynamic the moment Diane Jenkins (Maura West) first bedded her ex's son Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) in a scorching hot scene on the sudser. 

During a telephone chat between Morrow and bloggers earlier this week, I piggybacked off of Buzzworthy Radio's NaVell J. Lee's question about how the fallout from the arbitration will impact Sharon (Sharon Case) and Nick's relationship to ask if their would be any more "Dick" in our lives on Y&R. Here's what the hunky actor had to say:

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Daytime Confidential: You mentioned that Nick is still in love with Sharon. A lot of fans have really enjoyed his relationship with Diane played by Maura West. Do you think we’ll see anything further with that thread now that his father’s back in his mother's orbit? Will there be a free chance for Nick and Diane?

Joshua Morrow: You know, I’m not sure where Nick and Diane are headed. It’s a pretty tough thing to be able to get past, to start to develop a relationship with a woman and then find out she’s been lying to you behind your back and sleeping with your father. I know it’s a soap opera where people tend to forgive people for pretty intense things, but I don’t know how they can build anything after that happened. Nick is a very…he’s got a lot of pride in him and I think it really threw him that she would go down this path with his father, as well as him. So again, I’m not sure. I know they were building to something, but it would be a tough pill to swallow, I think, for me in real life if found that happening.

I don't know about y'all, but Daddy Humpin' or not, I'm still Team Dick all the way!