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One Life to Live Recap: Bullies on Vacation

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Editor's Note: Recap For Wednesday, March 9 episode.


Clint:  Yeah, you won; if you don’t mind living under the same roof with a murderer.

Clint catches Joey breaking into his safe.  Holding the jump drive, he asks about Eddie, and Clint explains that he met with Eddie, because Eddie was causing trouble for Inez.  Joey thinks Nora’s theory is logical, but Clint denounces Nora for enlisting Joey to do her dirty work.  Vimal may have taken the fall, but Clint is not innocent.  Joey reams him for Nora’s kidnapping, demanding to know if he’s also guilty of murder. Clint is adamant that he did not murder Eddie.  Clint goads Joey into viewing the drive, until Aubrey stops Joey. 

Aubrey scrambles stating the drive may contain intimate footage, and watching it in front of Clint would be unsettling.  Joey smashes the drive, but he still doubts Clint.  Aubrey sends him out to cool down.  Aubrey embraces her victory, but Clint sucks the wind out of her sails. He tells Aubrey her enemy might be a murderer, but Joey truly loves Kelly.  Clint will sit back and enjoy Aubrey’s downfall.

John and Kelly get hot and heavy, and John directs her to the back room as a shocked server watches.  Kelly stops John, and he apologizes for pushing, but she’s just distracted by the room where an old connection resurfaced.  Kelly thinks they’re both plagued by innumerable “what ifs,” but John shuts her up with a kiss. 

At the cafe, Gigi claims she’s vetting another’s application for Noelle when Natalie arrives.  She asks about Natalie’s circumstances; things are tense at Llanfair, and will inevitably be awkward at the LPD.  Natalie blames herself, but Gigi is supportive.  Natalie spills about Kelly, and Gigi is surprised that “anyone would want to sleep with him right now.”  Natalie realizes Gigi isn’t at work and she reluctantly admits John fired her.  This is unacceptable and lights a fire under Natalie.

Tea takes Tomas to Rodi’s for a burger, where a waiter says John’s in the back with “his hands full.”  The waiter is hot for Tomas, but Tea says he has his eye on someone else.  Tea encourages Tomas to return to Paris, but he refuses, believing Todd to be dangerous.  According to Tea, Todd is complicated, but they’re solid after having “a meeting of the minds.”

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Natalie storms into Rodi’s, catching John and Kelly together.  She takes a pot shot at Kelly’s mothering skills, which signals Kelly to bow out.  Gigi is a great employee and John was wrong to fire her.  John judges the past actions of both ladies, and Natalie finally notices his cruel and selfish ways.  Natalie made painful mistakes, but she never acted maliciously, unlike John now.  She tells him to go to hell, but he’s already there with a bottle.

Kelly runs into Joey, who apologizes because she was right about Clint.  Natalie demands that Kelly unhand Joey, and Nat reveals that John and Kelly were christening the back room at Rodi's.  Disgusted, Joey leaves.  Natalie promises to rip off Kelly’s hands if she touches Joey, but John is all hers.

Tea teases Tomas about Blair.  Tomas thinks Blair is amazing, but Tea is protective.  Blair suffered through a rough year, and though single, “she’s not free.”  Until Tomas can prove he’s more than a “self-centered loner,” Blair is off-limits.  Tea wants Tomas to expound on why he abandoned their family, but he refuses.  He’s staying, though, to meet Dani.

Shane is selling raffle tickets, and Jack and Short Kid taunt him about mooching off of Viki.  They play monkey-in-the-middle with the money box until the principal arrives.  Jack hides, but Shane points the finger at him. 

Blair summons Todd to La Boulaie to confront him.  He threatened and terrified children, and Blair can’t speak for Dani, but he’s to leave Starr alone.  When Todd scoffs, she promises backup in the form of Tomas, who already wants “a piece” of Todd.  Tomas is “sniffing around” Blair, and Todd pretends to call the State Department to have Tomas deported.  A real call comes in; there’s a Jack emergency at school. 

The principal wants to search lockers, and Todd grouses about infringing on Jack’s civil liberties.  Shane accuses Jack of being a liar and thief, but Jack’s locker is empty.  Shane’s is not, and Todd gets into the name-calling spirit, until Blair drags him away.  Shane is suspended, and Gigi promises the principal that Shane will also write an apology letter to Jack. 

Jack balks when Blair punishes him.  Todd thinks Jack is the victim, and he promises to devise a revenge plan with Jack, who receives a text about teaching Shane a lesson.  Blair warns Todd that escalating matters will only cause problems, but he’s barely listening as he’s typically distracted by his cell.  As Blair answers the landline, Todd opens the door to Tomas.

Gigi begs Shane for answers, but after receiving a threatening text, Shane claims he took the money for “a new pair of sneakers.”  Gigi is stunned.