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Y&R's Maria Arena Bell on Victor Post-Arbitration: "It's Going to be a Very Complex Human Reaction"

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This week, fans of The Young and the Restless finally saw Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) taken down by the people he least expected — his children. Showrunner Maria Arena Bell tells Entertainment Weekly what to expect next from The Black Knight.

Are we going to see Victor get even angrier?

Well, I think it’s going to be very interesting, his reaction. It’s going to be a very complex human reaction, in that I think he is infuriated by the chain of events and I think he always felt throughout the entire lawsuit, he was right in everything he did. He felt it was groundless, these accusations, that he had mishandled their trust, because it’s a private company, he’s a mogul, he makes decisions, he moves money from here to there in order to acquire a company to make a business deal, and he never thought his own kids would question his decision-making. After all, it’s an empire he built himself. So he is pretty angry. The more emotional side of it is that he really, he does truly love his kids. It’s pretty heart-wrenching even though he shows it in different ways.

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