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Former Days of Our Lives Scribe Finds New Career Writing Video Games!

As jobs for television writers—especially in daytime—continue to dry up, one former Days of Our Lives freelancer has managed to reinvent herself as a gamer. According to theColumbus Dispatch, Harvard grad Anne Toole was bitten by the gaming bug when she was offered the chance to head write the online video game companion to the series Stargate.


Toole, who knew from a young age that she wanted to make a living telling stories, thought her future lay in television.

After earning a bachelor's degree in archaeology from Harvard University, she moved to Hollywood. She was making a living as a freelance writer in 2006 when she received an offer to become the head writer for an online video-game adaptation of the popular Stargate series.

"I had been writing a couple of episodes of Days of Our Lives when, all of a sudden, I became head writer in charge of 200 hours of game play," she said, adding that it was the equivalent of five seasons.

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Love this! With so many talented soap writing alums out of work due to rampant cancelations and the aftermath of the Writers' Strike, it's nice to hear about one figuring out a way to continue making a living telling serialized stories. Personally, I would run, not walk to my laptop to purchase an online game based on Days of Our Lives.

Just think of a video game where Patch and Kayla, Shane and Kim or other classic DAYS characters solve mysteries, go off on ISA adventures, etc. Maybe Orpheus is revealed to be alive and kidnaps Marlena to a castle and all the great DAYS heroes have to work to save her? Players could pick their adventurer. Ah, the possibilities!

Photo courtesy of Anne Toole