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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lulu stops by the PCPD, while Dante’s on the phone with Interpol.  He finds out that Suzanne didn’t exist before 1985.  Lulu wonders why a person would go undercover and hide their true identity.  Dante figures it’s to get close to someone and they realize that person is Brenda.  Dante apologizes to Lulu again for the lies, and says he was afraid to lose her.  She reminds him they’re working through their issues. 

Suzanne is surprised at Spinelli’s ability to find the truth, since she and Theo worked hard to hide their marriage.  Jason insists on knowing where Brenda is.  Suzanne claims she’ll convince Theo to release Brenda.  Suzanne goes on to tell Jason that she was only trying to find her son, so became friends with Brenda.  Jason wonders why she bothered to call him in, and she says she thought he was a small time hood that Theo would deal with. 

Sonny demands to know where Theo is hiding Brenda. Jules tells him she’s within city limits, off the highway and then passes out.

Suzanne doesn’t want to betray the man she’s been married to most of her life, but Jason doesn’t give her much choice.  She draws a map of the location, as Sonny arrives with Jules’ information.  Sonny is angry when he finds out who she really is and proclaims that she will die if Brenda dies. 

Theo’s mad at Brenda for turning Jules against him.  She tells him to let her go and she’ll convince Sonny that Theo was grieving for his son and grandson.  I’m not sure if she actually thought that would work, because that was rather lame.  Theo says Sonny means nothing to him, that he’s just an obstacle to remove.  Theo feels she lied about the baby, but she yells that the baby died. Brenda's cry is the last straw for Theo and he decides there’s no reason to keep her alive.  He injects Brenda with a deadly neurotoxin.

Dante shows up as Sonny, Suzanne and Jason are heading out and decides he wants to go with them, despite Jason’s assertion that he shouldn’t.  Dante insists on arresting Theo, and he’s allowed to join them.

Johnny and Lisa finish up on the couch, but before leaving, Lisa decides she wants a shower and wants Johnny to join her.  When they head in that direction, Matt and Maxie make their escape. Maxie declares that Lisa will pay for all she’s done to Robin.

Robin’s still upset about Brenda being missing and not seeing through Theo.  Patrick assures her nothing is her fault, but she says she can’t focus on this grant proposal with Terrell.  Patrick tells her that Terrell has ulterior motives, but she doesn’t want to hear it.

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Matt and Maxie show up and let Scrubs know that Johnny has the syringe and how they found out that information.  Robin decides she wants to search Johnny’s apartment.  Maxie defends Johnny to Matt, but claims there is nothing between her and Johnny, just a flirtation.  Matt apologizes for having doubted her during the syringe incident and Maxie is happy that he admitted that he was wrong.

Lisa realizes Johnny is lonely now without Olivia.  He asks her to stay longer for a glass of wine and she accepts.  Later on, while making small talk, Lisa mentions she misses Texas and Johnny wonders why she doesn’t go back, since Patrick isn’t hers for the taking.  Lisa claims that Patrick was wonderful and could be again, if Robin wasn’t around.  Johnny tells her Patrick doesn’t love her and she needs to give up the obsession.  The two head out for a walk. 

Robin tries picking the lock at Johnny's and gets frustrated when she has difficulty, seeing as she has super spy blood in her veins.  When they finally get in, she and Patrick check various places for the syringe, only to come up empty.  Jolisa return and Johnny promptly pulls a gun on them.  Robin says she’s here for the syringe, but Johnny thinks he should call the police since they’re trespassing.

At Kelly’s, Kristina reminisces about Ethan and the wedding.  Ethan shows up and they talk about Brenda not being found yet.  Kristina thanks Ethan again for being strong for her and Molly that night. The two make cute small talk, until Maya shows up and jokingly wonders if she should be jealous.  Ethan tells Maya that Kristina declared her wedding plans for him, and Maya jokes about going ahead with the divorce.  She says Kris is more than welcome to Ethan, but to have Alexis count her silverware.  Kristina makes a comment about Alexis already getting along with Ethan. 

Methan sit at the next table and Ethan complains about Edward being in his business. Maya feels badly for Edward, especially because of Brenda stuff.  Ethan says they need to find their own place.  Kristina listens to the conversation and lets the couple know that her neighbors have put their guesthouse on the market. Methan decide to check out the house.

Suzanne gets to Theo and warns him to get out. He quickly realizes she’s brought the cavalry directly to him.  She spots Brenda on the couch and wonders if she’s dead.  Suzanne tells him to surrender to Dante, so Sonny won’t execute him.  Theo’s still angry with her for spiriting away his grandchild and feels he deserved better from her.  Theo takes Suzanne as hostage to help him escape.

Dante insists no one is going to kill Theo when they find him and Jason wonders why he’s protecting the Balkan. Jason thinks they should let it happen and say it was an accident, but Dante isn’t having it.

Sonny can’t wait, so he heads out to find Brenda.  Theo and Suzanne come across Dante and Jason.  Dante claims Theo is under arrest, but he’s not giving up that easily. Theo informs them that Brenda doesn’t have much time.  Sonny finds Brenda, unconscious.