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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Jason and Dante are in a gun standoff with The Balkan, Suzanne and two of his goons. Meanwhile, Sonny grabs a very weak Brenda and heads out to meet Jason and Dante. Theo warns them to let him through, if they want to save Brenda.  Sonny tells Jason and Dante to take out Theo.  Theo quickly tells them Brenda will suffocate in an hour, so Sonny orders Dante and Jason to stand down and let them pass.  Why exactly?  Theo didn’t give them the antidote or tell them where to find it.  Why let him leave? 


Michael meets with Kristina, who asks him whether Edward has talked about Methan.  Michael accuses Kris of having a crush on Ethan again and reminds her that he’s married.  She claims she's just friends with Ethan and it’s not a big deal, because the age difference is less than between him and Abby.  Abby arrives, and Michael makes plans to have dinner at her place.  She gives him the address, which Kristina makes note of.  When Abby leaves, Kristina starts talking bad about Mabby's relationship again and Michael tells her to get to know Abby. However, Kristina doesn’t understand what he sees in a stripper who might be a prostitute.  Michael tells her she doesn’t have to like Abby, but he’s going to continue to see her.

Johnny threatens to call the police and Patrick asks him not to.  Patrick wonders why Johnny’s helping Lisa and what she has on him, since the sex isn’t good.  Robin feels Johnny doesn’t understand Lisa’s brand of crazy and that she destroys lives.  Johnny comes to Lisa’s defense, claiming Patrick used her and tossed her aside and that she’s being blamed for Scrubs destroying their own marriage.  Robin and Patrick leave and Lisa questions why Johnny would defend her and not give up the syringe.  Johnny jokes that he likes making her jump through hoops, but she wonders if he’s trying to save her the way he couldn’t save Claudia. Johnny claims he’s not her savior.

Jax tells Carly that Joss has a fever, but refuses to let the baby go home to her mother.  Jax feels Carly is a danger and doesn’t want Joss exposed to more violence.  Carly tells him she’s worried about Joss and to not take the baby away from her.  Jax promises to let her see the baby, but only on his turf.  Carly doesn’t want a custody fight and Jax claims he’d win, since he looks better than she does in court. 

Robin tells Patrick she’s upset that they spent all their time focusing on Lisa and ignored all the mistakes they made.  They are interrupted by a phone call from General Hospital saying Brenda has been found and is on the way.

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Matt is upset they didn’t find the syringe.  He feels that Patrick has repented enough for his transgression.  Maxie feels all her relationships are doomed and Matt feels she pushes him away when she realizes she cares.  The two talk about their first loves, for Matt, someone in school, for Maxie, someone whose description sounds a lot like Lucky.  Matt assures her that he likes her for her intelligence and confidence and the two start to kiss. 

Michael shows up at Abby’s, whose apartment is very nice for someone who doesn’t have a job.  The two make small talk.  He mentions another therapy session.  He admits to being nervous, as does she and the two start to kiss.

Carly sees Luke at the bar and she tells him that Jax wants to change the custody agreement.  Luke tells her he can help, for a price.  He reminds her that she doesn’t look good in court, with her past.  Carly doesn’t want Jax to be hurt, just to back off a little.  Luke promises to help but his price will be named later.   Kristina interrupts and tells Carly that Michael plans on having sex with Abby.

Patrick isn’t sure what Brenda’s been injected with, but feels they need to give her something or she’ll die.  He and Robin create an antidote and administer it.  Sonny hovers over Brenda, promising that they will be happy together. 

Jason and Dante search for Theo's whereabouts.  They argue about what consequences Theo should face.  They find information on an airstrip and take off.  Jason wants to take Theo out, but Dante wants to arrest him.  Jason reminds him he could lose his badge if Theo goes to court and admits the truth.  Dante insists Theo go into the system.

At the airstrip, Theo and Suzanne get on the plane. Jason shoots the guards and then at the plane.