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One Life to Live Recap: Rest In Pieces

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Ford:  Hey!  Hey!  Tess is my wife.  Ryder is my son.  And as of now, you’re trespassing.

Langston, James, and Starr celebrate Tess’ commitment to St. Ann’s with an ice cream sundae.  Langston wants a fourth spoon for when Ford joins them.  She’s looking forward to being a mother to Ryder, but she’s afraid of getting her heart broken “if” Jessica heals. Starr is sympathetic to Langston's situation.  Langston leaves to check on Ford. 

Clint hates the agreement and doesn’t want Ford near his grandchild, but Tea reminds him that Clint’s recent actions would work against them in court.  Clint was protecting his family, and Tea thinks he sounds like Todd, while Viki believes he is nearly as bad.  They bicker, but Tea orders Clint and Viki to present a united front. 

Ford listens to Tess and tears up the commitment papers, but when Jessica’s family arrives, Tess instructs Ford’s attorney to stay.  Tea presents Ford with the contract, impressing upon him that it’s “the best for all involved.”  Tess chirps that Jessica’s family won’t honor the specifics, and should Jessica return, she’ll nullify it entirely.  Clint encourages Ford to think of more than himself, which prompts Ford to decline the offer.

He can handle Tess and Ryder, but Clint points out that Tess is running the show now.  Ford has Clint “over a barrel,” but Viki cries that this situation will only be a disaster.  She promises legal action, and Tess vows to see her in court as she slams the door.  As Tess tears the contract into little pieces, Ford beams about besting Clint.  Langston arrives and jumps into Ford’s arms, but she’s stunned when Tess enters the room.

James admits to Starr that he “kind of love[s] Hope.”  Everything is perfect now, but Starr is “waiting for an anvil” to drop, which prompts James to question the “radio silence” from Todd.

Todd is in the cross hairs of a sniper, when John stops him from leaving.  Todd thinks John changed his mind about investigating Tomas, but Todd just left his keys behind.  John warns Todd he’s sounding paranoid, but he spots the beam of a laser sight on Todd’s back and pulls him behind a dumpster.  John orders Todd to call the police, but Todd dropped his phone.  John determines the location of the shooter, and Todd wonders if it’s Natalie or Tea; John looks at him like he’s insane. 

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Echo brings food to the carriage house.  Rex is out of town helping Bo “nail Clint,” but Gigi can’t give any details.  Echo knows Viki is overwhelmed, but she hasn’t been there for Charlie.  Gigi wonders if Echo has, and thinks it would be “horrible” if something came between Viki and Charlie.  Gigi realizes she left her history book at Rodi’s and asks Echo to stay with Shane.

John returns fire, but stops when he hears a scream; Gigi stands frozen in plain view.  John gets Gigi to safety and instructs her to call the police.  Todd runs for his car as John engages in a shootout.  John slips into the passenger seat, only to discover Todd’s been hit.

Dorian drops by Llanfair to check on Viki, but Charlie is less than inviting.  Dorian makes insinuations about his dalliance with Echo, and she browbeats Charlie until he inadvertently admits to the affair.  She’s sympathetic that he’s hit rock bottom again, but she has no tolerance for his gullibility: Echo is in on the paternity scam with Clint!

Charlie blasts her for such allegations, and she accuses him of being in love with Echo.  He loves his wife, but that doesn’t answer Dorian’s question.  She won’t out him, so long as he ends the affair immediately.  She promises to be there when he returns, and later, Viki is taken aback to find Dorian in her sitting room.

Charlie arrives at the carriage house, informing Echo of Dorian’s ultimatum.  Echo understands, and Charlie thinks he “should go.”  Instead, he and Echo share a passionate embrace.

Bo is dumbfounded as to how Clint manages to stay one step ahead, and he worries David is dead.  Rex doesn’t want David’s death on his conscience, but he “won’t quit” until David is found, dead or alive, because that’s a lesson Bo taught him.  They’re relieved when Khalid arrives.

Rex informs Khalid that Bo is David’s “Pa” and excited, Khalid confirms knowing David.  He talked endlessly about “Pa” and Dorian, and Khalid bravely allowed David the use of his phone.  He called Dorian, but she didn’t understand or believe David’s situation.  David was a prisoner until the previous night, when he was taken to the airport.  Khalid thinks David was sent to Siberia, because the name he overheard from the warden was Russian: Olanov. 

Though stunned, Bo thinks Alex’s involvement makes a “sick and twisted sense.”  She never got over Asa, and she always was obsessed with Bo; Clint is now her surrogate.  Bo and Rex are off to Alex’s last known address: St. Blaize’s Island.

Clint receives a call assuring him that everything is status quo.  Before hanging up, he expresses his gratitude... to Alex.