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DC EXCLUSIVE: Celebrity Apprentice's Star Jones on NeNe Leaks and How She and Rosie O'Donnell Squashed Their Feud

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During our recent visit to Sirius XM Out Q's The Morning Jolt with Larry Flick, I got the chance to sit in on Flick and Keith Price's interview with Celebrity Apprentice diva Star Jones. The guys were also cool enough to let me toss a few questions at the barrister into the mix for Daytime Confidential.

On NeNe Leaks' slams in the press:

Daytime Confidential: NeNe [Leakes] has been going around in the press saying that you are jealous, or I should say "upset" that she went to school for 2 years and you went to school for 8 years and you both are on the "same level". Is that accurate?

Star Jones: No no no. We're not on the same level. Lets make that clear. We're on the same show. This is the thing that everyone needs to understand. I didn't cast the show, Mr Trump and Mark Burnett and NBC cast the show. They cast the show based on what they thought would generate good ratings. This was not a show about friendship. It was a show about whether or not people from different backgrounds, experiences and level of stardom could co-exist for a team and then turn it in for an individual competition. I was very clear on my role in this show. In all honesty, I would never compare myself to another African-American woman. I would never tear down another African-American woman in order to elevate myself.  Cream rises to the top and water seeks its own level.

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On how she and fellow The View alum Rosie O'Donnell buried the hatchet:

DC: You said that you are in the process of mulling over an offer to do another talk show?

SJ: We're in the process of doing that, yes honey!

DC: My colleague Jamey at Daytime Confidential has always said before he would like to see you on a show with Rosie O'Donnell and Debbie Matenopoulos. Would you consider doing something with those ladies?

SJ: I would do anything in the world with Rosie! Rosie is one of the most magnificent talents that daytime television has ever seen, and I hated when we were having controversy and how much do I love that we decided to fix that. That's what grown women do when there's a controversy. You get together alone without a camera and you say, "I had this problem with you," and we fix it. And that's my girl and when you really want to have a long standing relationship. She's an amazingly-talented person,  and I'd be honored to work with her doing anything, God knows.