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One Life to Live Spoilers: Dorian and Cutter Get Their Freak On!

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A freak sneaky roll in the hay, a missing person found, and a life hangs in the balance this week on One Life to Live. I hope everyone is ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of March 14.

Todd/Tea/Dani: Todd's gunshot wound is going to be worse than anyone could imagine. Todd's life will be in grave danger, as he floats between life and death. As news spreads around Llanview about Todd, his loved ones will keep vigil by his bedside. James and Starr will quickly end their romantic moment to rush to his side. Todd’s family (Tea, Dani, Starr, Jack and Sam) will do their best to will him back to consciousness. Tea will have a breakdown over Todd's condition and Blair will console her. Blair is going to tell Tea to get herself together and order Todd to open his eyes. Does Tea have what it takes to wake up Todd?

John/Brody/Natalie/Liam: When Liam's sickness turns out to be nothing, Natalie and Brody will be relieved. At the hospital, Natalie is going to over hear that John was involved in a shooting and will turn her focus to him. John sees her, but will be more concerned with Liam. After they get the okay about Liam, John learns he will be forced investigate Todd's shooting with Brody. Let's just say, John is not going to be happy in the least bit. John and Brody will have a trail of the shooter's blood at the scene of the crime for evidence.

Instead of looking for more clues, John is going to head back to Rodi's for a little more liquid comfort. Kelly will see John at Rodi's and try to talk some sense into him. Brody will soon show up with more news about Todd's shooting. However, John and Brody will get into it over their current situation and almost have a fistfight in the middle of Rodi's. Luckily, Kelly will step in and separate the two men. Kelly is going to send Brody away and give John another get it together talk. John is going to have a "Come to Jesus" moment because of Kelly's talk. How will John fix the mess his life has become?

Blair/Tomas: Tomas will secretly treat his bleeding would. Blair is informed of Todd's shooting and is going to get to him quickly as possible. Blair will arrive at the hospital just in time to see Todd wheeled off to surgery. Tomas finds Blair at the hospital and will hide his would from her. Starr and James show up and Blair will leave Tomas to see about the children. Blair will step away from them to inform Jack about his father's shooting and will almost catch Tomas looking at this gunshot wound. Viki and Jack will arrive at the hospital simultaneously and join everyone else in the waiting room. Will Blair figure out what Tomas is hiding?

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Langston/Ford/Tess: Langston will be extremely hurt to find out Ford is still married to Tess. Langston will decide she has had enough and break up with Ford on the spot. Flash-forward to the custody hearing for Ryder. Ford, Tess, Langston, Viki, Clint, Tea, and Nora will all be present for the hearing. Tess is going to do her best to look as much like Jessica as possible, while Ford is more concerned with Langston. Ford will try his best to get Langston to see things his way, but Langston doesn't want to hear it. Langston will break down in Dorian's arms. In turn, Dorian will tell her daughter to pick herself up and find a better man.

Back at the hearing, Nora is going to tell Viki that she and Bo suspect Clint is the person who murdered Eddie. However, Viki will tell Nora she can't think about that right now and must stand tall with Clint for Ryder's sake. The custody hearing will be an ugly one, with all parties suffering tremendous blows. When the judge is about to make his ruling on baby Ryder's custody, Bo and Rex will show up and arrest Clint. Will Clint getting arrested change the judge's decision?

Dorian/Viki/Charlie/Echo: Dorian will tell Viki to involve Charlie in her life more if she doesn't want to lose him to Echo. When Viki wonders what Dorian means, she will get the call about Todd's shooting. At Echo's, Charlie will inform Echo that he can't leave Viki for her. Charlie leaves and Echo will be upset. Charlie goes back to Llanfair and will inform Dorian that he told Echo they couldn't see each other anymore. After Dorian leaves, Charlie will hightail it back to Echo's. He will tell Echo that he lied and doesn't want things to be over between them. Echo and Charlie will agree to have an affair and begin to kiss. However, they won't know that Tess has seen everything. Will Tess tell Viki what she saw between Echo and Charlie?

Gigi/Shane/Jack: Shane is going to keep hiding his problems at school from his mother. Jack will tell Shane he wants to call a truce and invites him over to La Boulaie to settle things. Poor Shane is going to fall for it hook, line and sinker. Shane will have no clue that Jack and his minions plan to sexually humiliate him. (Side Note: Really OLTL? Are we going that far to draw a connection to Todd, a la the rape? This story has been rushed beyond belief and now it's starting to go too far. I'm sorry y'all, but this nuJack is just not working for me). However, Jack's scheme will never happen, because he gets the call about Todd's shooting. Shane will head home and lie to Gigi about where he's been. Will Gigi figure out what is going on with Shane before it's too late?

Clint/David/Bo/Rex/Alex: Clint will be grateful to Alex for helping him with the David situation. After the call, Nigel is going to have a talk with Clint about his personality change. Meanwhile, Bo and Rex will find David. David will ask to talk to Dorian on the phone, but the call is a disaster. Dorian will inform David that she is moving on without him. David is going to go a little crazy from Dorian's words and tell Bo to get him back to Llanview as soon as possible. David will also find out that Rex is Clint's son. Can David make it back to Llanview in time to win Dorian over?

Aubrey/Cutter/Rama/Joey: Dorian is going to ask Cutter to come to Llanfair and he agrees, but must meet with Aubrey first. Aubrey and Cutter are going to think of a plan to get Clint off the board at BE and get to the money. The two leave and Rama will pop up to talk to Aubrey. However, Aubrey will find Joey instead. Rama will attempt to tell Joey who Aubrey really is, but Aubrey will show up just in time to shut her up by offering her a room in Asa's mansion. Meanwhile, Cutter will arrive at La Boulaie to help Dorian get over David. While he is there, Dorian will read a post on David's MyFace page (all Clint's doing) and end up having freaky sex with Cutter. Dorian is going to get busted in an extremely compromising position by a surprise visitor. Who is Dorian's surprise visitor?

Sneak Peeks at Next Week (March 21):

  • Natalie tells John she tired of him being mean to her.
  • Tess takes a picture of Charlie and Echo kissing.
  • Clint finally gets his.
  • Dorian asks Viki to be her matron of honor.
  • Jack continues to bully Shane.
  • Kelly accidentally tells Joey that Aubrey used to date Ford.
  • A new girl arrives and seems very interested in Starr and James.