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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: It's War Between Thomas and Ridge!

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Thomas: The Forrester heir is pissed off Ridge is cancelling his Taboo clothing line and isn't about to put up with it. Thomas makes a deal with Madison and later diverts Ridge's memo about the Taboo line being canceled at a press conference. Thomas announces at the press conference he's creating a women's line for Taboo! Ridge is stunned by his son's boldness.

Ridge: The Chiseled One is appalled Thomas is rebelling against him. Ridge becomes even more pissed when he spots Brooke next to Thomas talking about the latest news of the Taboo line.

Stephanie/Taylor: The BFF's blame Brooke for Thom's' attitude.

Eric/Stephanie: The couple have a fight over Ridge and Brooke's relationship.

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Brooke: She bids adieu.

Taylor: Doc is banking on this latest debacle to end Ridge and Brooke's marriage and uses it to her advantage.

Stephanie: La Forrester has a heart-to-heart with Ridge about his marriage, clueless Taylor is with him.

Jarrett: He tells Bill about the kiss between Thomas and Brooke.

Katie: She hears a shocking conversation taking place.

Amber/Tawny: The Moores plot to box Liam in.