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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Lily Still Sees Dead People!

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Lily: The widow Ashby continues to see Cane's ghost. Meanwhile, Colin attempts to become closer to Lily and the twins while the questions regarding Cane's death continue to grow.

Chance: The detective searches frantically for a missing Heather.

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Adam: The black sheep gets info that can clear Sharon's name.

Nikki: The socialite bumps into the new Mr. and Mrs. Victor Newman. Nikki congratulates Victor and Diane on their marriage. Deacon tries to rectify his situation with Nikki, but she isn't having any of it. Nikki will continue to hit the sauce and freeze Deacon out, but that won't stop Mr. Sharpe from trying to win her back. Deacon will have competition for Nikki's heart very soon.

Abby: The Naked Heiress is back and her latest stunt causes major problems.

Victor/Diane: The Black Knight's marriage to Diane is only on paper for both of them. Victor wants to teach Nick a lesson, but at the same time save his son from Diane. Diane, meanwhile agrees to marrying Victor because she's broke and wants financial security since she can't have Nick. Both are aware it isn't about love. Victor is still in love with Nikki, which will chip away at his marriage to Diane. The new Mrs. Newman's feelings for her stepson will also be an issue. 

Katherine: The grand dame is not thrilled to find out her son Tucker was the mastermind behind the Newman family feud. Kay rips Tucker a new one and vows to have him booted out of Chancellor Industries. Tucker will need to take cover, because Katherine is mad as hell and wants payback, and finds several allies in her quest.