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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Dante stops Jason from shooting at Theo’s plane, telling him that he wants to catch Theo and let him rot in prison.  When Mac shows up asking questions, Dante claims they were defending themselves.  Mac says he’s assigned another detective to the case and that the police will not be collaborating with the mob anymore.  Mac goes on to decree that the days of looking the other way are over and once the Theo mess is cleaned up, Jason and Sonny will be back on the top of PCPD’s list.

Jason angrily tells Dante he should have let him take care of Theo and that they have different goals, but Dante wanted things done the right way. 

Robin tells Brenda to fight with everything she has.  Patrick decides to put her on a ventilator, even though things don’t look promising.  Edward arrives and Sonny asks him to sit and talk to Brenda.  Edward mentions how Sonny couldn’t keep her safe, but eventually sits and talks to Brenda. 

Carly reminds Kristina that Michael is an adult and that he’s not like kids his own age. Carly tells a shocked Kristina that Abby is good for him.  Carly understands Kristina is upset because Michael has always been there for her, just like Jason is for Carly. Carly knows that it’s difficult to let someone else come first with him.  Carly acknowledges Sam's place in Jason’s life and claims they make room for each other.  Jason calls to tell her about Brenda and asks her to go to Sonny, but Carly says she shouldn’t and informs Kristina of the Brenda news.

Michael and Abby eat dinner, clean up and start making out. The two are interrupted when Michael gets the call from the hospital about Brenda.  They decide to head over there.  When they arrive Michael goes to see Sonny, and Kristina tells Abby to get out of her brother’s life.

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Luke meets with Ethan to talk about setting up Jax.  Luke stole some diamonds and plans to use them.  Tracy and Maya show up, wondering what their husbands are up to.  Luke admits to the scheme and says he wants to talk to Tracy alone, so Maya and Ethan leave.  Luke admits Tracy has put up with more than she should and offers to take her on a real honeymoon, promising that he has no hidden agenda.

Jax runs into Carly, and lets her know that Joss is feeling better. The doctor said not to worry unless her fever spikes.  Carly tells him about Brenda and Jax wonders if it’s a test to see if he’ll run to see Brenda. Carly quickly informs him that she doesn't care.  Jax reiterates that he wants to keep the kids away from the violence and it’s their job to keep them safe. 

Sonny calls Bernie and tells him he will do anything; call in any favor to make sure Theo pays for what he did.  Michael overhears and offers his services.  Sonny tells him he doesn’t want Michael involved and that he needs to make a life outside the violence to be a better man than Sonny. 

Michael complains to Abby that no one wants him to help or be in the mob, because they still treat him like a kid, despite the fact that he grew up in the business and knows the risks.  He decides he needs to prove he can do this.

Dante goes to Lulu and lets her know what happened and that he’s grateful it wasn’t her.  He apologizes again for not trusting her with the secrets and she reminds him that she’s forgiven him. She tells him that now they have make up sex to look forward to.  Dante mentions that Sonny will be going after Theo and it will still be his job to take Sonny down.

Spinelli apologizes to Sam for neglecting her while Brenda was with them.  Jason gets home and tells Spinelli to start looking for Theo.  Sam wonders why, since she thought it was over and there’s no point in chasing after Theo.  Jason tells her that Theo will pay for what he did to her. 

Sonny talks to Brenda and she finally wakes up.  Patrick checks her out and proclaims she’ll make a full recovery.  Sonny thanks him.  Robin tells Sonny that his love got through to Brenda, but to leave it be and not go looking for revenge.