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One Life to Live Recap: Too Much Blood

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Langston:  We’re done!

Langston is horrified to see that Tess is still Ford’s wife.  Ford claims he had no choice, so he changed his mind.  Committing Tess is only a “temporary fix,” and it would impede Ford from getting what he wants.  Tess insults Langston, but when she’s yelled at, she decides to go “shopping.”  Langston wants to know how long Ford plans to stay married to Tess, but he has no idea, and she’s disgusted that money seems to be his biggest motivation. 

Langston defends Viki’s integrity, and thinks the contract would work, but Ford is completely dismissive because of Clint’s involvement.  She knows he feels obligated to take responsibility like he never has before, but she refuses to be relegated to the role of “mistress.”  She ends their relationship, and Ford accuses her of forcing him to choose her over Ryder.  Langston would never do that, but with the new dynamics, there’s no place for her.  She leaves, heartbroken.

Dorian wanted to check on Viki, but admits to haranguing Charlie about not being by Viki’s side when she needs him most.  Viki doesn’t want to burden him, but she understands why he feels excluded.  Tess, who has snuck into Llanfair to steal jewelry, eavesdrops as Dorian encourages Viki to involve Charlie in the solution of the Tess debacle.  Charlie may substitute other vices for booze, but Echo is “waiting to pounce.”  Viki trusts Charlie, but Dorian isn’t certain she should.  Viki receives a call from Natalie regarding Todd and bolts.  

Charlie and Echo break their embrace, and Echo wonders if it was a goodbye kiss.  Charlie hates that Dorian has control over his life, and Echo tells him to rob Dorian of that power by leaving Viki.  Viki is “going through hell,” and Charlie fears that more heartache may cause her to split like Jessica, but he feels connected to Echo.  Echo cannot pretend that her feelings for Charlie are more innocent than they are, and she tearfully sends him away. 

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Dorian is still waiting when Charlie returns.  He honored her ultimatum, and he throws her out.  Tess spies Charlie slip out the patio doors, and suspicious, she follows him.

Charlie returns and tells Echo he “lied” to Dorian.  As he pulls Echo into a passionate kiss, Tess watches from the bushes.    After bringing Natalie and Liam home, Viki is curious when she finds a bracelet on the floor of the library.

Tea doesn’t think Dani can keep avoiding Todd, but Dani contemplates living in her bedroom forever.  Todd deeply angered Nate and really scared Dani, which Tea understands.  She knows Todd can be “a little overprotective,” but Dani thinks he goes overboard.  Dani is surprised when Tea divulges that Tomas is in town, but she’s thrilled to meet her uncle when he drops by. 

Tomas gushes that Dani looks like her mother, but Dani says many believe she’s her father’s daughter.  Dani is “more than a little upset” with Todd currently, which intrigues Tomas, but she defends Todd’s commitment to his loved ones.  Tea thinks Tomas looks pale, but he’s just tired.  Viki calls about Todd, and Tomas stays behind as Tea and Dani race to the hospital.

At the hospital, Liam is diagnosed with a rash, and Natalie’s happy Brody is there because he’s the “only father Liam has.”  Brody gets a call from the police, and he relays the shooting to a panicked Natalie.  Todd is wheeled past on a gurney, but Natalie can’t get any information about John.  Brody comforts her as John arrives.  Brody leaves for the crime scene, but before John follows suit, Natalie promises that she will always love him no matter how he feels in return. 

Viki arrives right before Tea and Dani.  Tea shrieks at the doctor for information, but he tosses her out of Todd’s room.  Viki’s daughter is her “first priority,” and she offers to take Natalie and Liam home as Tea promises to call with any news.  Natalie assures a shaken Dani that Todd is tough and Tea promises that Todd knows Dani loves him. 

At the scene, Brody apologizes for being at the hospital with his own son, but John dismisses him, believing the shootout to be the only relevant topic of conversation.  Looking through the room from where the shots came, Brody discovers a bullet as John finds blood. 

Tomas inspects a wound on his torso.  He receives a phone call, wherein he labels recent events “a disaster” and inquires about Todd’s condition.  Meanwhile, Todd flatlines.