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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Jason continues to yell at Spinelli to find Theo.  Sam offers to help, but Jason won’t hear of it since Sam had a migraine the night before.  Sam assures them that the doctors told her to expect headaches and she has PI connections that can help.  Spinelli finds out the Trujillo's are the PC connection helping Theo and Jason heads out to confront them saying anyone who helped Theo is fair game. 

Lisa comments on Robin’s haggard look, reminding her that she was caught in Johnny’s place.  Lisa says Robin is hammering Patrick with guilt for having been with her, since he’s not getting what he needs at home.  Robin snarks back that Lisa seems worried that her plans are unraveling.  Lisa brings up Emma and Robin questions whether she’s threatening her daughter.  Patrick steps in, telling Lisa to worry about her own life, since he’s about to mess with it.  Terrell comes to Lisa’s defense claiming there are two sides to every story. Patrick tells him that Lisa has threatened all of them and gotten away with it, but not for much longer.  Steve shows up, angry that their dirty laundry is still being aired and warns that if they don’t stop, Lisa and Robin will be suspended. 

Jax wants primary custody of the kids, but Alexis reminds him that family court is a terrible place and tells him to settle out of court.  She also reminds him that Morgan’s adoption was never finalized and is not legal.  Jax understand that Carly will fight for her kids, but he has to do what he feels is best and keep them from the violence.  Alexis tells him he will have to make Carly look unfit if he wants to win. I ask, how hard can it possibly be to make Carly look unfit? 

Luke and Ethan discuss the gems.  Carly arrives and tells Luke to put the gems in Jax’s room and she’ll do the rest.  Luke wonders if she wants him to call in a tip to the police, but she reminds him she just wants to scare Jax into backing off and doesn’t want him arrested.  Luke wonders if she wants to blackmail Jax or get back into his bed. Alexis shows up, surprised to see the two Spencer's together.

Abby meets with Michael and they make small talk about his grades and Brenda feeling better.  Johnny shows up and Abby apologizes for not having his money, but he tells her to take her time paying. He makes small talk with Michael about college and offers to pay for their meal, but Michael refuses his money. 

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Brook and Nikolas come home and start making out on the couch.  Liz catches them and is disgusted that they’re making out where Aiden could see them.  Nik’s response is that Aiden is in the nursery with the nanny and could not see a thing. His comment angers Liz even more and she accuses him of not spending time with his son, just like with Spencer.  Brook comes to Nik’s defense, saying he’s allowed to have free time and good sex. Liz decides that Aiden is not allowed to visit if Brook is there.  Brook accuses Liz of being holier than thou and brings up Lucky and Nik not wanting her. Brook takes it a step further by asking Liz if she wants Nik's money.   Liz reminds Brook that she supports her kids by working and tells Nik to force Brook to treat her with respect.  Nikolas claims the two push each other's buttons, but Liz again says Aiden will no longer come to visit.

Lisa goes to Johnny to complain about how Patrick treated her.  She feels Patrick despises her and Johnny reminds her that Patrick got married and moved on. He tells Lisa she deserves better.  Lisa’s still clinging to the history, but now wonders if Patrick never loved her.  She feels she has no life without Patrick, but Johnny points out her good attributes and tells her it's not too late to start over.  Lisa gets a call from Steve regarding a case to work with Patrick and she runs off.

Michael shows up at the penthouse, looking for Jason, but finds Spinelli, who gets a call from Bernie regarding a shipment coming in tonight that must be handled.  Spin is concerned, but Michael assures him that Sonny’s men can deal with it, and tells him not to worry Jason. 

Luke and Ethan break into Jax’s room and put the jewels in Jax’s safe.  When Jax comes back, the two hide, until Carly shows up and they make their getaway.  Jax tells her he went to Alexis and Carly says she doesn’t want this fight. She wants to handle it like friends, and that he has one last chance.  She tells him the jewels are in the safe and Agent Bates is on his way to arrest Jax.  Alexis catches Ethan and Luke outside Jax's room.

Jason meets with Trujillo, claiming he broke the peace by working with Theo.  Trujillo says he was contacted via Johnny and is not in the of business hurting women. 

Robin gets a text from Johnny telling her he left something for her at Kelly's.  Lisa gets a similar message from Johnny, but this one tells her to go to the Metro Court.  At both places, both women get a written note telling them to meet Johnny at his penthouse. 

Abby asks Michael to have dinner again at her place,  but he says he can't since he wants to cover for Jason with the shipment. 

Terrell wonders if Scrubs accusations are farfetched, but Steven basically says they're true, even though most of the stuff has no proof.  Steven asks Liz about Aiden being in daycare and not at Wyndemere. Liz only tells him that Aiden's not going back until Brooke is gone.  Steven offers her money, but she says she's doing ok.  When he leaves, Liz calls for the paternity results, which should be in on Thursday.

Johnny gets home to find Jason waiting for him.  He denies knowledge that Theo was targeting Brenda and Sam. Johnny informs Jason that he only did small jobs; including shooting the guy that was following Sam.  Jason is shocked that the shooter on the roof turned out to be Johnny.  Johnny reminds him that he could have killed him, just as easily, and tells Jason he owes him his life.