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General Hospital Spoilers: Jason Watches as The UNTHINKABLE Happens!


Here’s the Scoop!

Jason watches as his son dies on the operating table. Get your tissues ready, this is going to be a tear jerker no matter who you root for. Patrick does not deal with losing this patient and Robin is there to comfort him. As previously spoiled, Jason will tell Lucky that Jake did not make it through the surgery.

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Carly asks her best friend the unthinkable… will you ask Elizabeth to donate one of Jake’s kidneys to Josslyn? We’ve already dropped that Jason agrees and goes to Elizabeth with Carly’s request. Could Carly really be asking for Jake to save Josslyn when she may be the reason he’s dead?

Seven drivers in total were on the road… Carly and Sam both COULD be the one who hit Jake along with along with Luke, Robin and Lisa. Who are the other two?

I’ve already scooped a lot of what happens to Jake… remember, Sam is there for Jason. Lucky and Luke share some emotional scenes. Sonny and Brenda return from their Italian honeymoon when the news reaches them. Michael destroys evidence trying to protect Carly. Patrick accuses Johnny of possibly being at fault by playing games with Robin and Lisa. Jason and Carly will share their own emotional scenes. Liason fans will most likely get the last scenes of Jason and Elizabeth together that mean anything. Steve is there for his sister.

Elsewhere in Port Charles… Johnny and Lisa take another roll in the sack. Brenda tells Sonny she’s finally home, with him. Will she change her mind? Later on, she admits that she wants to be a mom. Is her son alive? Suzanne leads Theo to their grandson. Robin and Patrick are back together and flirting in Lisa’s face. Michael and Abby finally have sex. Jax is less than thrilled to see that Shawn is playing bodyguard for his daughter and Carly. Luke and Sonny share a scene. How close is Theo to finding Brenda’s baby? Brandon the girlfriend beater is back and leveling another beating on Abby. What will Sam admit to Josslyn?