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One Life to Live Recap: Read My Lips

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Bo:  You are the only one who can give me what I want.

Not knowing Alex Olanov, Rex worries that St. Blaze’s is a red herring, but Bo is certain David is there based on Alex’s history.  Meanwhile, Clint speaks to Alex who assures him she’s keeping up her end of the deal.  Should she fail, Nigel will take back the island.  Alex opens the door, and after subtly confirming Clint’s suspicion that it’s Bo, she hangs up and excitedly invites in her visitor.  Alex thinks Bo looks marvelous, especially because Nora isn’t with him. 

Rex eavesdrops as Alex’s guards discuss keeping “the guest” entertained until they put him “out of his misery.”  He intercepts a delivery man and pays him for the package and his uniform.  Based on the contents, Rex believes David will be tortured, and then hanged.  He approaches the guard assigned to David, and as the guard verifies the delivery, Rex tasers him.

Bo is looking for David, but Alex already knew that.  He plays to Alex’s long-standing obsession with him and seduces her.  Alex knows she’s just a “means to an end,” but she succumbs, tossing Bo onto the bed as he tries desperately to stall.  Security calls as Alex straddles Bo, but he throws the phone.  She’s intoxicated by his forcefulness, and vows to “rock [his] world.”  Bo receives a text from Rex, and runs out on a breathless Alex. 

Nigel overhears Clint’s conversation with Alex.  He is offended; the island was a gift from Asa, and Nigel only gave it to Alex to protect the family.  Clint insists he was doing exactly the same thing, but Nigel believes an alliance with Alex Olanov proves a loss of integrity.  Only someone who is “cornered and desperate and prepared to do anything” teams up with Alex. 

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Nigel isn’t certain about Clint’s crimes, but if there’s truth to Nora’s kidnapping or Eddie’s murder, Clint has “lost [his] way,” and Asa would be terribly disappointed in him.  Asa wanted better for his children, and in the end, Asa’s sons “exceeded his standards.”  Even though Asa was proud, he worried.  Nigel promised he would look after Bo and Clint, even though he thought it unnecessary, but Clint’s actions are cause for concern. 

Nigel knows Clint was hurt by Bo and Nora’s transgression, but Bo is family, and even Asa would’ve let go of the grudge by now.  Nigel packs his bags, and submits his verbal resignation because he “failed” Asa, but Clint refuses to accept.  Clint appeals to Nigel’s sense of duty, but he also admits to needing Nigel, who agrees to stay.

With gun drawn, Bo searches for Rex, who sneaks up on Bo and nearly gets shot because of it.  He’s curious about the lipstick on Bo’s collar, but Bo just shakes his head.  Meanwhile, Clint calls Alex to potentially call off the plan, but the “deal is done,” which leaves Clint looking conflicted.  Bo and Rex burst into David’s room, and Bo’s irritated to find David in bed with two women.

Tomas calls the hospital for an update on Todd’s prognosis as Blair arrives at Casa Manning.  Tomas has something to say to Blair, but Blair goes first.  Blair thinks Tomas is “wonderful and amazing” but she’s not ready to date.  He’s not asking; he’s trying to tell her Todd’s been shot.  Blair wonders who’s responsible, but Tomas is silent.  He grunts when he stands, but shrugs off Blair’s concern.

James and Starr are happy, but Starr is waiting for her father to tear them apart.  James knows what he’s “gotten into,” but he’s happy Dani and Nate are Todd’s target rather than he and Starr.  She defends Dani, and James apologizes, offering to be her sidekick.  They make out, but the sexual tension is too much.  He wants to take Starr on a real date, but in the meantime, he’ll make her dinner.  James is surprised when Blair calls his phone, and he hands it to Starr.

Dani fears for Todd, and Tea does her best to reassure her daughter, but Dani damns herself for treating Todd like he was “something” getting in the way of what she wanted.  Update: Todd is “stable, but critical” and in need of surgery.  Tea and Dani place a blanket over him, and Tea orders Todd to “get off [his] ass and come back to [them].” 

Blair and Tomas arrive and comfort Tea.  They are pleased John is on the case, explaining to a wary Tomas that John is a former FBI agent and Chief of Detectives. 

Starr visits with Todd.  He does horrible things and always deserves people’s anger, but Starr never can stay mad.  She encourages him to fight, survive, and “be awful.”  Todd’s loved ones make a pact not to allow Todd to do anything stupid or insane when he recovers, which Tomas thinks is smart.  Starr is introduced to Tomas before Todd is wheeled to surgery.