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Y&R's Melody Thomas Scott Talks Victor and Nikki's Stormy Relationship

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Does the girl from the Bayou club really want Mr. Mumbles back? TV Guide's Michael Logan gets the 411 from The Young and the Restless' Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) who reveals if her alter ego still wants a crack at Victor (Eric Braeden).

TV Guide Magazine: The outta-nowhere marriage of Victor [Eric Braeden] and Diane [Maura West] is also driving Nikki booze-batty. Did she really think she still had a chance with The Mustache?

Thomas Scott: Oh, yes, I think maybe she did. Don't forget she and Victor had that recent roll in the hay — literally! — on Victor's birthday. Plus Nikki has always hated Diane and because Maura is so good in the role, Nikki hates her even more now! It's so great to have Maura in the cast. So, yeah, Nikki is trying to escape Deacon and Victor, making alcohol even more important to her than ever. She's lost her morals. There's a disturbing episode coming up where the enormity of it really struck me. Let's face it, Nikki's now having a secret life. She's a hider, and hiding means lies. In this episode I'm referring to, Nikki's kids Victoria [Amelia Heinle] and Nicholas [Joshua Morrow] come to Nikki's hotel room because they're worried she's drinking again and Nikki lies — Oscar worthy lies! —right to their faces. When the whole thing was over, I felt horrible! It was like a punch in my stomach. I realized this was a line Nikki has never crossed. She has never deceived her children. She has never sunk to that level. It was a hugely impactful moment for me. And then her best friend, Kay [Jeanne Cooper], is also sniffing around thinking Nikki is drinking, and Nikki is lying to her, too. So it's all really horrible and really dicey. It's not looking good for Nikki at all. [Laughs] But for me it's great! It's so much fun to play!

Thanks to Sarah for the tip!

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