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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Alexis is suspicious of Ethan and Luke.  Carly explains to Jax about the jewels. He’s angry that she wants to blackmail him and is more determined to go for custody.  Carly wants to reach an understanding, but that’s not happening.  Agent Bates shows up, happy to see Luke, since he’s on the trail of the stolen jewels.  Bates tells Jax that he received a tip. 

Carly admits to calling in the tip, but lies and blames it on Theo staying at the hotel.  Bates is ready to confiscate the safe and take Jax and Luke into custody.  Alexis claims to be everyone’s attorney and wants Bates to just accept the jewels and take the win.  Bates feels bringing in Luke or Jax is the bigger get, but Carly claims she’s both Jax and Luke’s alibis.  Bates decides it’s not worth the headache and Alexis promises to deliver him the jewels.

Brenda’s feeling better, but Sonny is concerned that she take it easy.  Brenda’s upset she never knew the truth about Suzanne and wonders if Sonny will go after Theo.  She wants him to share everything with her.  She says she’s worried about Sonny and wants him to focus just on them.  Sonny wonders if she wants to let Theo slide. 

Michael apologizes to Abby about blowing her off, but promises to make it up to her the next night.  She wonders if Jason is okay with what Michael will be doing, and he assures her everything will be fine.

Dante tells Lulu that he’s going to pay Brenda a visit and she assures him he’s been forgiven and doesn’t need to account for his whereabouts all the time.  Dante stops by Brenda’s room but speaks to Sonny first.  He tells his father that in future, he wont’ be working with the mob or looking the other way and will take him in if needed.  Dante wishes Brenda his best wishes.  Sonny tells Brenda they’re going on a honeymoon.

Liz wants the test results by phone but is told she will receive an envelope.  Lucky wonders who’s being tested, but she plays it off as a patient.  He tells her he has to cancel his time with the boys since he’s planning on getting married.  Liz is ticked that he’s willing to hurt the kids, since they look forward to their nights with their dad.  She’s also upset that she doesn’t have anyone else to watch the boys and they shouldn’t be subjected to his sham marriage and fake stepmother.  Lucky assures that the boys like Siobhan, who walks up as Liz is snarking him out.  Lulu overhears and wonders how Liz has the audacity to complain about Lucky’s behaviour considering hers with Nikolas.  Then for some strange reason, that’s the end of that scene.   I would think if my sister in law snarked me out like that, I’d respond, but no such luck.

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Robin lets herself into Johnny’s apartment and finds Lisa there.  They both realize that they each received a note from Johnny and Robin thinks John has finally comes to his senses and is turning on Lisa.  When Johnny shows up and the two question him, he says he’s tired of both of them and has made up a treasure hunt to find the syringe.  Robin figures Lisa will cheat, but Johnny says their getting different paths with different clues. 

Sam’s check up with Patrick goes well, but he gives her a prescription for future headaches.  Steve wonders how the consult went with Lisa, but Patrick says Lisa took off and no one knows where.   Steve’s angry and says he wants the doctors to start acting like doctors or else. 

Back at the hospital, Robin finds her next clue and lets Patrick in on the treasure hunt.  She’s upset when she sees where her clue takes her next.  Patrick heads over to Johnny’s, letting him know that Lisa will go crazy in order to protect herself, but Johnny doesn’t really care. 

Siobhan and Lucky head over to the Star and discuss their conversation with Liz and her concerns.  Lucky assures her that the boys love her and feels Liz is alone for the first time and scared.  Siobhan wonders if he still has feelings for Liz, but Lucky assures her that she’ll always be his son’s mother but he doesn’t want to waste life in the past.  Luke shows up, complaining about Carly and Alexis.  Lucky tells him they’re going to the justice of the peace and is Luke willing to stand up for him. 

Spinelli is worried about Sam, who assures him she’s fine and heads out to check her sources to help in the search for Theo.  When Jason gets home, Spin lets him know, and Jason is happy for the help.  Abby shows up, and lets Jason know what Michael has planned. 

Ronnie tells Dante that Sonny’s bringing in a shipment that night so they raid the piers, chasing off Sonny’s men and Michael, who is caught by Dante. 

Lisa’ clue takes her to Steven’s office where he catches her and proclaims her fired.  Robin’s clue takes her into Carly’s house.  Carly catcher her, tells her to get out or she’ll throw her out.  Boy that Johnny is a busy guy.