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General Hospital's Rebecca Herbst on Her Shocking Firing/Re-Hiring: "It Was Surreal"


In the new issue of ABC Soaps in Depth, Rebecca Herbst (Liz)opens up for the first time about her shocking firing and subsequent re-hiring following the demands of angry General Hospital fans. Here's a tidbit of what Genie Francis' heiress apparent had to say:

"It was surreal," she recalls of that fateful Friday meeting with the show's executives in which she was told the news. "I didn't see it coming."

It's still unimaginable to me that GH would have even contemplated getting rid of such a popular star, who's character is one of the few, precious links to origin characters like Steve Hardy; not to mention the supercouple status Liz achieved in her own right with both Jason (Steve Burton) and Lucky (Jonathan Jackson).

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  It's too bad fans didn't have enough time to prevent agenda-driven, inorganic storytelling efforts to "train" fans on which couple they should root for, from causing GH to wrecklessly decide to kill off Liason's son. I predict a "trainwreck watching" ratings spike during the week Jake dies and the immediate aftermath, then a massive bleedout. Stupid move, GH. Stupid, stupid move.