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One Life to Live Recap: Don't Get Mad, Get Even

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Brody:  I got drunk and I slept with Natalie, and I am sorry!  I feel like hell for all the pain I’ve caused you, but you and I both know, I am not standing between you and Natalie.  The only thing keeping you apart is your own pride!  And unless you wanna take a shot at me, I’ve got nothing else to give you!  Is that what you want?  You go right ahead, you take your best shot.  I will give you one for free.

Kelly finds John drinking (again? still?) at Rodi’s because it’s a Natalie-free zone.  Kelly wonders why Rodi’s is a crime scene, and John fills her in about the shooting.  Kelly worries about Todd and inquires about leads,  but the police don’t have much and John is done for the night.  Kelly thinks he’s in a mood or has a problem, and she accuses him of avoiding Brody.  John scoffs, but he’s clearly annoyed when Brody shows up to update him on the case. 

John dismisses Brody to go be with “your kid,” and Brody takes offense to John ignoring the name John imparted.  John believes Brody betrayed him, but Brody insists John lost his family by his own choice.  John starts name-calling, and Brody offers one free punch.  John balks, and Kelly encourages Brody to leave. 

Kelly wants to know how long John plans to wallow.  Self-pity is a fact, and it will only result in John flushing his career and reputation, but that’s his prerogative.  All Kelly wants are his keys.  John refuses, puts down his beer, and decides to take back his life, beginning with work.

Viki worries because John was almost killed and Natalie is “not fine.”  Nat made a mistake, but Viki loves Nat even if she’s a “cheating liar.”  Natalie believes she lost John to Kelly, revealing that the affair is ongoing.  She will focus on her son, and Viki’s impressed that Brody and Natalie are “making due.”  Viki was unsure of how Brody would fare, but he’s proven to be a good father. 

Brody returns home, and reluctantly informs Natalie of his run-in with John, which Kelly stopped.  Of course Kelly was there!  They decide to forget the issues and spend time with their son.

Blair leaves a message for Jack, as Starr tells James she wants Shaun as security for Todd.  James assures Starr that the entire LPD will be out for blood, given John’s involvement.  Blair wonders if Tomas left, but James thinks he saw him enter Todd’s empty room. 

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Tomas raids the medical supplies to tend to his wound, and he’s nearly caught by Blair.  He claims to be collecting Todd’s belongings which Tea forgot.  Blair knows anyone could be responsible, given Todd’s penchant for making enemies, but she vows to make the guilty party pay.  Tomas warns her that it’s risky, but he apologizes for implying that she’s incapable.

Starr is being strong for everyone, but James is there to be strong for her.  She relaxes as he holds her close.  She knows Todd has many failings, but he has a good side, such as when he jumps on the bed or distributes nicknames.  James is curious, so Starr reveals her two: “Shorty” and “Oh, Great One.”  Eddie was thoroughly bad, and James wishes he had what Starr has. 

Shane wades through his cyberbullying messages until Gigi sits with him.  He’s worried about his mom after she was fired by the “total dictator,” John, but “a Morasco cannot be pushed around.”  She knows things are tight, but they always survive.  Gigi offers her help, and Shane is about to confide in her, when he receives a text from Jack.  Gigi promises Shane is “the coolest,” but she encourages him to extend an olive branch to Jack. 

Jack’s friends attempt to smoke at La Boulaie and steal from Dorian’s medical drug bag, but he stops them.  Brad thinks Jack’s home, sans supervision, is “paradise on acid.”  Jack is incredulous Shane accused him of stealing, but Beth reminds him that he did.  He devises a plan to humiliate Shane, and Brad thinks he’s an evil genius.  Shane calls Jack, who issues a fake apology and claims of paternal abuse, and encourages Shane to sneak out. 

Shane arrives at Trap Central, where Brad tries to ply him with pills and tease him about being an uncool virgin, goading him into proving otherwise with Beth.  Jack pretends to defend Shane until Shane is saved by the (phone) bell.

Jack doesn’t answer when Blair calls, but he never ignores Todd, so Blair hijacks Todd’s phone.  She gently break it to him that Todd’s been shot.  Jack hangs up and screams at a sympathetic Shane and the others to get out before launching the phone at a family portrait. 

Gigi leaves a message for Rex, missing him and filling him in on Shane’s issues.  Armed with ice cream, Gigi calls upstairs to Shane, but she’s concerned when there’s no answer.  Panicked, she calls Brody, but apologizes when Shane walks in the door.  When she doesn’t believe his claim that he took a walk, Shane yells at his confused mother for giving him stupid advice before stomping up to his room.

Viki and Jack arrive at the hospital.  Viki offers to “pull some strings” to obtain information, while Blair and Starr comfort Jack.