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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Author's Note: Apologies to everyone, there was a newsbreak that cut into today’s episode for approximately 15 minutes, but I’ve recapped what aired.

Dante tells Ronnie that he didn’t catch anyone and Jason arrives to spirit Michael away.

Robin explains to Carly about Lisa, the syringe and Johnny’s treasure hunt.  Carly’s more annoyed that Robin broke into her house rather than ringing the doorbell.  Robin appeals to the mother in Carly, wondering what Carly would do if her child had been threatened.  Carly gives her two minutes to look in her house and Robin finds her next clue and leaves.

Lisa tries to explain to Steven that she was just in his office looking for a pen to leave him a note, but he’s annoyed that she’s lying. He wonders if she’s been lying about everything.  Steven’s angry that she took off when she was expected to consult on a case, but she says she was trying to clear her head from Robin’s constant accusations.  Steven tells her he wants no more distractions or drama and if the syringe turns up, she’s fired, end of story.

Patrick warns Johnny that Lisa needs help and he’s gambling with all their lives. In response, Johnny brings up the similarities between Lisa and Claudia, which makes Patrick understand why Johnny is hell bent on helping Lisa. 

Max, Milo and Diane are the welcoming committee for the new Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Corinthos, but Brenda’s not happy to hear that they’ll be living at Greyskull instead of the house in the woods.  Diane tells her the house was sold, mostly because of its security issues.  When the riff raff leave, Sonny says it was done for their safety, and Brenda tells him to talk to her before making major decisions.  Later on, in bed, he talks about buying the house for his kids, but that each time they left, the place was lonely.  Brenda talks about never having a real home and how she wants to make one with Sonny. 

Luke ponders at the suddenness of the Lush wedding, and despite the fact that he likes Siobhan, he feels they’re making a mistake.  Luke feels Lucky’s still feeling the effects of the end of his relationship with Liz and rebound relationships are not stable.  Lucky assures his father that he’s going into this marriage with his eyes wide open, and that it’s to keep Siobhan in the country. Lucky goes on to say that should Luke want to join them, he knows where to find them. 

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Lisa shows up at Johnny’s unsure about her clue and asks for help in figuring it out.  Johnny tells her that wouldn’t be fair to Robin, but Lisa’s worried Robin will find the syringe and Lisa will have to leave town.  Johnny wants her to live for herself, rather than for Patrick. 

Robin tells Patrick about her second clue. He mentions having gone to Johnny and how it sounds like Johnny’s trying to save Lisa, because he couldn’t save Claudia.  Steve takes Patrick away for a case, and Robin assures him she’ll be fine on her search.

Abby meets with Sam to let her know she’s worried about Michael getting involved in the business.  Sam assures her that if Michael were to be caught, Jason would spirit him away before law enforcement could get to him again.  Sam’s happy to be focusing on something, since her connections have come up empty.  Abby mentions a possible European connection to a girl from work and will look into it.  Sam gets another headache.  

Liz is leaving the hospital with the boys and runs into Steven, who wonders why the boys aren’t with Lucky.  She tells her brother that Lucky is getting married, but isn’t worried because she knows it won’t last. 

Lulu runs into Dante, who tells her about catching Michael at the pier but letting him go.

Carly pops by to see Luke, who’s angry with her for throwing him under the bus with the Jax/Bates thing.  She reminds him she didn’t want Jax arrested, but he goes on a tirade about kids and raising them. Carly quickly realizes he’s angry with someone else. 

Lucky and Siobhan discuss their wedding and he claims he has no doubts or regrets. He wonders if she’s ready to go through with it. 

Jason’s angry at the risk Michael took, but Michael chalks it up to trying to help Jason, since he’s occupied looking for Theo.  Jason says he didn’t ask for help, but Michael wants him to admit that Jason needs him.  Michael again says Jason should focus on Theo and send a message to the other families.Although, I don’t know why, since the other families supposedly have a truce going with the Corinthos/Morgan organization right now.  Michael says Jason needs someone he can trust, but Jason says he doesn’t want it to be Michael. He only wants a normal life for him.  

After the newsbreak, we come back to Jason and Michael.  Dante shows up, ready to arrest Jason because he has no intention of arresting Michael.  Liz gets the results of the test and intently reads them. When she turns around, the front door is open and Jake has run out.

Six drivers are shown on the road: Luke presumably heading to the courthouse, Lisa chasing after Robin, Carly distracted by leaving a message on Jax’s machine regarding Josslyn, Sam while experiencing a headache and Brenda and Sonny being smoochie with each other.