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General Hospital Spoilers: Michael Has a Gun?


Here’s the Scoop!

Michael has a gun? He’s about to shoot Abby’s ex Brandon when Jason arrives and stops him. There is trouble ahead for Michael. Abby must drop the charges against her abusive ex in order to keep Michael safe. Will Michael not care about the sacrifices made for him? He’s going to keep Abby safe, no matter what, but did he kill Brandon?

Suzanne is back in town! What could she possible have with her? Or is it who?

Robin and Patrick go to marriage counseling… is Kristina their babysitter? It looks like Lisa will try to use Krissy as her new way in by befriending Sonny’s daughter.

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Carly wants Sam to give Jason a baby… to ease his pain of losing Jake. Here we go… sorry I’m trying to keep my bias out of this. Jason will tell Sam how much he regrets not being Jake’s father.

Book signing? Are we getting a little Spixie time? Sam convinces Spinelli into going to a book signing that Maxie set up.

Jake… we should see the fallout from Jake’s hit and run play out for a bit. The two other drivers on the road? It looks like it MAY be Suzanne and Theo. A lot of people want to know if this was the original story planned before GH decided to keep Rebecca Herbst. From what I’ve heard, yes it is. The difference is that Elizabeth was supposed to lose her mind and get her room back at Shadybrook. Will we still see some of that? Some RUMORS say Elizabeth will hear Jake. Aiden’s paternity still needs to be revealed. Elizabeth will be reeling from the loss of her son and silently dealing with the truth.

Bye Bye Brook Lynn? She MAY be going out on tour. Nikolas will be making a decision about their future.

Brenda’s Birthday… Sonny surprises her and she’s surprised he remembered. He’s your husband, it’s his job to remember.

Lucky and Siobhan… the Ides of March pass and it looks like they may marry in April Showers. Will Lucky be a little drunky for awhile?