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One Life to Live Recap: Only Time Will Tell

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David:  Pa, you saved my life when you got me out of that Moroccan prison cell, you did, but now it’s my soul that’s at stake.  Dorian’s moved on.  She said she’s moved on to a better-looking man.  Can you imagine how good-looking he must be?

Rex ties up Alex, who’s surprised he’s Clint’s son, as an elated David awakens to Bo.  Bo knows David’s situation was all Clint’s doing, and he promises to nail Clint.  As David recounts the barbaric conditions he endured, Alex lies to Rex that David has been living the high life for weeks.

Bo and David storm into Alex’s room, who insists she’s telling the truth.  David apologizes to Rex for treating him “like a bad hair day” and not believing in him, but Rex reveals he knew of David’s hell and did nothing because Clint blackmailed him.  David strangles Rex as Bo watches.  Bo orders Alex out of her own room, and stops David from killing Rex.  Though Rex deserves it, David needs to save his rage for Clint.

Nora receives a text from Bo that he found David as she runs into Viki, who’s at the courthouse requesting a continuance because Tea’s preoccupied with Todd.  She’s sorry for Viki’s ordeal, but Viki hopes the case could trigger Jessica.  Viki has to stand unified with Clint, and Nora wonder if she trusts him.  Viki has suspicions about his guilt, but believes Nora knows more. 

Nora doesn’t want to burden her, but Viki insists.  Nora reveals the David saga and the MyFace shenanigans, explaining that Clint sought revenge against both David and Bo.  Viki is happy for Dorian, but Nora explains that Dorian remains in the dark because they must take a “cautious approach.”  Nora hates piling onto Viki, but she believes Viki needs to make an informed decision before aligning herself with Clint.  Viki has no choice. 

As Ford leaves a pleading voicemail for Langston, Tess gripes about his parenting skills, or lack thereof.  He creeps her out when he appears to care, but the illusion is necessary.  He goes ballistic when she styles herself inappropriately, and orders her to look like “June Cleaver.”  He’s perversely pleased when she complies.  She promises to give the “performance of a lifetime,” and they leave for court.

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Cutter calls Dorian, inviting her on a date, but Dorian declines.  Langston sobs to Dorian that she broke up with Ford because he’s “too responsible,” but she hates that he made a radical decision without her.  Langston deserves to come first, and Dorian likens Ford selfishness to David’s.  She encourages Langston to adhere to her principles, believing “Mr. Right” to be around the corner.  Langston wonders if Dorian is taking her own advice when she spies the taped-together picture of David. 

At the cafe, Aubrey joyously tells Cutter that Joey destroyed the flash drive, but unfortunately Rama remains a wild card.  They decide they must discredit Clint to the B.E. board to gain financial access, and Aubrey wonders if suspicion that he’s a murderer will do the trick as Ford’s lawyer eavesdrops.  Clint interrupts hand-holding, though he promises he doesn’t intend to reveal them as “money-hungry grifters.”  They’ll take care of that on their own.

Dorian calls Cutter, advising him to come over to see the proof that she’s over David.  Meanwhile, Langston deletes Ford’s voicemail without listening.

At the courthouse, Clint is certain Nora was giving Viki “an earful.”  Nora checks on the continuance as Clint maintains his innocence.  Viki damns him, but they must present a united front.  Hopefully, Tess and Ford are clueless about Bo and Nora’s suspicions.  Tess and Ford arrive, and seeing her attire, Clint wonders if Jessica has returned.  She dramatically blows him a kiss, and they have their answer. 

The continuance was denied, but Nora was given special permission to try the case.  Viki is grateful, but Clint is dubious, not trusting his “best interests” with Nora.  She’s doing this only for Viki and Ryder.  Clint receives a text from Alex, warning him that David’s on the warpath.  Ford is angry the D.A is on the case, but his attorney promises he’s in a good position as the biological father.  If not, he’s armed with a trump card against Clint.

David calls Dorian, professing his love and saying everything was “all Clint’s fault.”  Incredulous, Dorian screams at the “liar,” promising she’s already found a replacement as Cutter arrives.  David is aghast at that her new paramour is “handsomer, younger, and richer.” “It’s over.”  Cutter questions whether Dorian would’ve done things differently had he not entered when he did.  David is shocked when she sends his second call to voicemail, but Bo thinks he’ll need to put in much more effort for Dorian.  It’s time to get David home, and make Clint pay.

Rama drops by the mansion, and as she drinks in the luxury, Joey asks about stories from Aubrey’s time at boarding school.  Rama pulls out the yearbook, but she reneges until Joey reveals that Aubrey is out on a shopping spree.  She’s about to reveal the picture when Aubrey arrives and dismisses Joey.  Aubrey owes her, and Rama wants her due immediately.  Joey returns to Aubrey stating she invited Rama to live at the mansion.